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Gemini the Duplicate Finder 2.5.6 破解版 – 重复文件搜索清理工具


Gemini 是Mac上最好用的重复文件搜索清理工具,只需要简单的拖拽,就能非常快速的搜索出指定目录中重复的文件,从而帮助我们整理Mac上的文件以及节省Mac的磁盘空间, 除了搜索任意目录外,还支持搜索iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture and Photo Booth等资源库,非常好用!

[Gemini 2 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币128元]  



Why waste space on things you already have? Gemini will quickly find duplicate files on your Mac and help you remove them . This chore is now easy and fun with Gemini!

Highlighted as one of the Best Apps of 2012 “… Gemini does its job well and does so with freshness.” Macworld “Gemini speed is really impressive.” TUAW “I really liked the way that works Gemini, and the fact to have such a beautiful interface is a big plus. “TheNextWeb

attractive and easy to use interface • beautiful design fully compatible with Retina display • support for Drag-and-drop • pie charts divided into categories • Fabulous deduplication crusher style paper

Powerful search engine • Algorithms quick scan • accurate comparison of files • Find duplicate folders • Supports external drives and network volumes

intuitive workflow • Selection wizard at a click • Scan directly from the contextual menu Finder • Ensures originals remain intact • preview fully incorporated

advanced Flexibility • Extensive sorting options • Move duplicates to Trash or delete them completely • Create a list of files, folders or extensions to ignore • Select the minimum size of duplicate search • Fully compatible with Lion and Mountain Lion

Enjoy the fascinating process of detecting and removing duplicates with Gemini!



Gemini the Duplicate Finder











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