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Clearview 2.3.1 破解版 – 多格式电子书阅读器


Clearview是一款Mac上优秀的多格式电子书阅读器,支持PDF, Epub, MOBI, CHM, FB2, CBR, CBZ等几乎所有流行的电子书格式,Clearview同时支持编辑功能,如插入书签、添加注解等,此外还具有强大的图书管理功能,统一管理所有电子书,方便查询和搜索,支持全屏模式、阅读背景切换、图书打印等等功能,非常强大!

[Clearview 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币60元]  



EBook reader easy to use tabbed style, equipped with library shelf supports popular formats like PDF ebooks, EPUB (DRM free), CHM and MOBI. You can make notes, insert bookmarks and what to look freely.

Clearview is one of the best alternative because it is not only a reader, but it is also a powerful organizer of our eBook collection. We will be able to import our titles in ePub, PDF and MOBI, read, clearly, and finally, we can also make annotations.

It does not have too many problems with the differences found between different formats, which is often the scourge of readers. In addition, annotations, which are often an important part of reading life may be giving in and out of the file.

One of the benefits of Clearview is that is fairly simple in regard to the metadata management. Thus, for example, instead of having many variables to organize our books, as often happens in software Caliber -the preference for converting formats- only we have a few.  










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