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Understand 5.1.996 破解版 – 超强代码分析工具编程功能大全


Understand 是一款功能强大的代码编程工具,具备源导航、代码运算和静态分析工具。为专业的软件开发师提供重要或大型代码库的维护、测量与分析,让你的工作更高效高质,有代码编程工具中的瑞士军刀之称。

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Understand® is an IDE built from scratch to help you fully understand your source code. Analyze it , measure it , visualize it , keep it – Understand it .

If your code is safety or mission critical or has grown more than one person can handle, you owe it to yourself to try Understand. Understand help you discover exactly what your code is doing and why, and soon you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Join 20,000 other engineers who understand your code.

Features: Code knowledge Understand provides pertinent information regarding your code. Quickly see all the information about functions, classes, variables, etc., how they are used, invoke, modify and interact. Easily view call trees, metrics, references and any other information you want to know about your code.

Metrics and reports Understand is very efficient in collecting code metrics and provides different ways of seeing. There is a large collection of standard metrics readily available, as well as options to write your own custom metrics when not cover exactly what you need.

Graphing Understand it offers graphics that let you see how your code (units), how it flows (control flow graphs) is connected, which functions call other functions (call graphs) and many more. There are many customization options that allow you to show only what interests see the chart for best fit what you need.

Standards Tests Understand provides a way to check your code using published standards or your own custom coding standards. These checks can be used to verify naming guidelines, metrics requirements, the best published practices or any other rule or convention that is important to your team.

Dependency analysis See all dependencies in your code and how they connect. See these dependencies using the interactive graphic or using the browser Understand textual dependencies. Both let you see all dependencies quickly and easily at a high level or deepen and details.

Editor The powerful editor is a GUI Understand thoroughly modern programming that incorporates modern features you would expect. It is designed from scratch to use multiple monitors and includes tabs, tab groups, coupling, syntax coloring, autocompletion and collapse and fold based syntax, to name a few.

Search for Multiple options are available to search Understanding. For instant results, use our feature “Instant Search” which provides results before you finish typing. Understand also provides search options for more personalized and complicated searches, such as regular expression and wildcard searches.

Languages Understand supports more than a dozen languages and can handle databases of code written in multiple languages. This allows you to view calls and dependencies between languages so you can get information on the entire system.








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