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Sublime Text 3.2.1 Build 3208 破解版 – 强大的代码编辑神器


Sublime Text 3 是Mac os平台上的一款非常不错的代码编辑器,同时 Sublime Text 也是跨平台的,界面和功能感觉和 TextMate 比较相似。此外他的窗口分组、项目管理、扩展工具、代码折叠方面都非常不错,还直接支持 vim 模式。

[Sublime Text 3 在官网上售价70美元,约合人民币420元]

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, marking and prose. You’ll love the elegant user interface, unique features and incredible performance.

Go to anything. Use Goto Anything to open files with just a few keystrokes and jump instantly to symbols, lines or words. He fired ⌘P, you can:

Type part of a filename to open Type @ to skip symbols, # to search within the file: to go to a line number These shortcuts can be combined, so tp @ rf can lead to a function within a text_parser.py read_file file. Similarly, tp 100 would lead to the line 100 of the same file. Multiple selections. Make ten changes at the same time, not a change ten times. Multiple selections allow you to interactively change many lines at once, rename variables easily and manipulate files faster than ever. Try clicking ⇧⌘L to split the selection into lines and ⌘D to select the next occurrence of the selected word. To make multiple selections with the mouse, take a look at the documentation column selection.

Command Palette. Command palette has rarely used functions, such as sorting, change the syntax and change settings bleeding. With just a few keystrokes, you can find what you want, without having to navigate through menus or remember bands of dark keys. Show palette ⌘⇧P commands.

distraction-free mode. When you need to focus, Distraction Free Mode is there to help. Distraction Free Mode is complete edition, chrome, with nothing but the text in the center of the screen. You can display incrementally elements of user interface, such as tabs and search pane, as needed. You can enter the free mode using the View menu Distraction / Distraction Free Mode Enter.

split editing. Maximize your widescreen monitor with support split editing. Edit the files side by side or edit two locations in the same file. You can edit with as many rows and columns as you want. Take several editing with multiple windows and using multiple monitors divisions in each window. Check out the View / Layout menu to split editing options. To open multiple views in a file, use the item File / New File menu view.

Instant switch project. Sublime Text projects capture the full content of the workspace, including modified and saved files. You can switch between projects in a similar way Goto Anything, and change is instantaneous, without notice to save. All changes will be restored the next time the project is opened.

API complement. Sublime Text is a powerful complement API based on Python. Along with the API, it comes with an integrated Python to experience interactively in real time console.

Customize anything. Groupings keys, menus, snippets, macros, add-ons and more – almost everything in Sublime Text is customizable with simple JSON files. This system gives you flexibility because the settings can be specified in a file type per project per project.

Cross platform. Sublime Text is available for OS X, Windows and Linux. A license is all you need to use Sublime Text on every computer you have, regardless of the operating system you use. Sublime Text toolkit uses a custom user interface, optimized for speed and beauty, taking advantage of the native functionality on each platform.














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