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MAMP Pro 5.4 破解版 – 快速安装PHP/MySQL开发环境


MAMP Pro for mac是Mac OS平台搭建本地服务器环境的组合软件套装,包含 Macintosh、Apache、MySQL和PHP 四大开发环境。

MAMP 代表Mac、Apache、MySQL和PHP,类似于Windows上面的WAMP、Linux上面的LAMP,最新版本,增加了OPcache GUI等,通过这款软件能够一键快速安装 Apache、Nginx、MySQL、PHP、Postfix 等服务器软件,简单方便,节省大量下载和安装配置的时间,并且可以集中管理和调整运行环境,支持PHP多版本切换、Imagemagick图形处理工具、动态DNS、虚拟服务器、phpMyAdmin等等工具,还支持一键安装WordPress, Joomla, Drupal等开源应用,非常的强大,是Mac程序员开发必备的一款软件!

[MAMP Pro 在官网上售价425.99人民币]  



Mamp: Create a local server easily. MAMP PRO helps you install and manage their own development environments that provide support for multiple DNS dynamic, virtual hosts and more. Professional programmers and Web developers can use MAMP Pro to create and manage their own custom development environment.

MAMP offers even more opportunities for web developers. We are now supporting MySQL 5.6 and Nginx is now fully integrated. They have improved server startup times. general MAMP installs a local server environment in a matter of seconds on your computer. It comes for free, and is easily installed. MAMP will not compromise any existing Apache installation that is running on your system. It can install Apache, PHP and MySQL without starting a script or having to change any configuration files! Also, if MAMP is no longer needed, simply delete the MAMP folder and everything returns to its original state (ie MAMP does not modify the “normal” system). License Similar to a distribution of Linux, MAMP is a combination of free software and therefore is offered for free. MAMP is distributed under the GNU General Public License and therefore can be distributed freely within the limits of this license. Note that some of the included software is released with a different license. In these cases, the corresponding license applies. Apache Apache, the web server http open source is one of the main parts of MAMP. Because of its modular structure, it can be improved easily with supplements. MAMP comes with more than 70 Apache modules like PHP, SSL, WebDAV, Auth, Cache and many more. Many ISPs use Apache MAMP what makes it the perfect tool to test their websites locally before releasing them . Nginx Nginx is a web server. It can act as a reverse proxy server for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP as well as a load balancer and an HTTP cache. MySQL A database is at the heart of every modern and dynamic website. MAMP comes with MySQL, which is the system relational database most commonly used. There is a MySQL interface for almost all programming languages and scripts available. Thanks to MAMP you can easily develop complex applications MySQL database on your local PC and then upload them to your live system. For easy setup, MAMP PRO comes with phpMyAdmin. PHP 81% (and growing) of all websites using PHP as the server programming language. This means that PHP is the most widely used programming language for creating websites. PHP is preinstalled on almost every ISP. MAMP comes with two versions of PHP. You can switch between configuration versions. The most popular extensions like XCache, SQLite, Curl, Freetype and libxml come preinstalled with MAMP.














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