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Wolf Website Designer 2.30.2 破解版 – 响应式网页设计工具


Wolf Website Designer 2 Mac是一款专注于响应式布局设计的网页设计软件,支持无限数量的网站和完整的离线编辑,而且完成设计后,可以将所有设计导出为响应式源代码,以便使用FTP客户端发布到任何Web主机。Wolf还与强大的Bootstrap Framework集成,可生成可在台式机,平板电脑和移动设备上运行良好的网站布局。

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Wolf lets you create beautiful and friendly mobile websites. Wolf is an application for Mac that focuses exclusively on the design of responsive design, with support for an unlimited number of websites and full offline editing. Once you are done with your design, you can export the entire design to a sensitive source code, ready to publish to any Web host using your FTP client.

Features: • Presented by the team behind Orion Mac Suite, the Wolf editor interface is designed with a key focus on simplicity and ease of use. Drag and drop to add objects to your design, click and drag to resize and manage the design. • Zero Coding: we believe that the web design should be simple and fun for anyone to create beautiful websites without having to learn or understand how to code. • Responsible and easy to use for mobile devices: built with powerful Bootstrap framework, your website will look great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. • Header and Footer shared web site: create and easily maintain a consistent theme for the whole website using the exclusive property Header and Footer shared Wolf. • Professional templates: The templates let you begin using your web design. • Independent software: Unlike many other web design solutions that are based on monthly subscriptions, Wolf is a true standalone application. No subscription fees, just a simple and unique shopping. • Webfeeds beautiful: beautiful web fonts are key to building a successful website. Wolf offers a wide selection of great web sources so you can format and style with ease. • Carousel: add more interactivity to your website with amazing carousels text, picture and full screen width. • Galleries: Beautiful lightbox galleries. Show off your photos on a light box when you are clicking. • HTML code snippets: You are never limited to drag and drop interface. Easily add code snippets to make custom effects and special supplements.



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