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Simlab Composer 9.1.20 破解版 – 3D场景制作渲染软件


SIMLAB Composer 带来的完整的全新设计功能,是一个集3D场景构建,渲染,共享和动画等功能的特色应用。SimLab Composer for Mac允许用户整合来自不同平台/格式的几何物体,以方便快速地创建各种场景,操作方便,很容易和快速建立3D场景!

Simlab Composer is a complete, easy, affordable and feature rich solution enabling you to communicate your 3D ideas with ease. Start with any 3D model, and bring it to life with SimLab Composer to utilize it in marketing, manuals, training, user feedback, education and much more.

Features in SimLab Composer 9: A brief summary with regards to the new updates that have been made in SimLab Composer 9 :

Scene Building: • Search by name

Animation • Animation Auto Ease options (Auto Ease Out, Auto Ease In, and Auto Ease). • New Animation Time-line tools: Capture keyframe for object, Go to previous/next keyframe, and Select all keyframes on Animation Time-line. • (Enhancement) Better layout for Animation Time-line tools.

HTML/WebGL • Added support for SimLab 360s Grid Technology. • Added support for Light Baking (Light Baking is similar to Texture Baking but it gives the user the ability to change material of objects). • Added support for sun light • Added support for shadow from sun, which can be enabled or disabled by the user. • Added support for Visualized Scene Options (lists) • (Enhancement) Better appearance for materials • (Enhancement) Better navigation: Smoother camera navigation with mouse movement in spin mode. • (Enhancement) Better looking message boxes. • (Enhancement) Camera transition among Scene States

3D PDF • Added support for Visualized Scene Options (lists).

VR • SimLab 360s Grid Technology for SimLab FREE VR Viewer, SimLab FREE AR/VR Mobile Viewer, and HTML/WebGL: load and move among 360 degree images. • Make Video: View video clips in SimLab FREE VR Viewer and SimLab FREE AR/VR Mobile Viewer. • Event-Response System: SimLabs Event-Response System used for endless possibilities in your VR experiences, which also includes location-based triggers. • VR Training: A state-machine-based system used for endless possibilities in your VR experiences, which also includes location-based triggers.

Render • Render Animation using SimLab FREE VR Viewer: New rendering mode using the VR Viewer.

Simlab Free VR Viewer • Added support for SimLab 360s Grid Technology. • Scene Building Mode: Dedicated mode where you can move, rotate, scale, copy, delete, and hide/show objects. • (Enhancement) Improved two hands interaction with VR scene elements in VR mode. • (Enhancement) Improved grabbing (grabbing with two hands) in VR mode. • (Enhancement) Improved VR navigation (fixed old issues and added rotation) in VR mode. • (Enhancement) Improved Scene Modes activation for Large Navigation, Lists, and Scene Building. • Circular menu for switching among modes. • Activation of List mode shows all list pins existing in scene. • Users can now have two FREE private catalogs (up to 60 package) • Users have the ability to edit or delete their own packages.

WHAT’S NEW Version 9.1.15:

Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated. REQUIREMENTS OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor



Simlab Composer








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