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Patternodes 2.2.5 破解版 – 创建基于重复的图形模式动画或插图


PatterNodes for Mac主要用于参数图形和插图,PatterNodes Mac版能轻松帮助用户创建图形模式,可以将进行颜色、间距、缩放、旋转等调整,支持导出多种格式的位图和矢量图  


  Patternodes is a tool to create patterns vector graphics, animations or illustrations. This is done using a node – based interface where a sequence of connected nodes that describe design, each representing graphic elements changes or repetitions defined. You can call this a kind of parametric design or visual scripting for 2D applications.

The sequence of nodes is completely non – destructive, so you can change any step of the sequence at any time without having to do the rest. The parameters that control each node can also be connected to other nodes, establish complex relationships or encouraged to create animations.

Patternodes is designed from the outset to encourage recreational use and experimentation. Therefore, the result is always displayed in the preview, is repeated for employers and is updated in real time.

Features Flexible node – based interface for non – destructive transformations and repetitions. Mosaic preview updated in real time the result when setting parameters. Add animation to any parameter to create patterns or animated cartoons. Built in nodes to create shapes, lines, curves , or text to build your pattern. Import or paste in bitmap graphics (JPEG, TIFF, PNG) or vector shapes (EPS, PDF or SVG) for use in their designs. Automates making seamless mosaic patterns. Define complex relationships making connections between nodes. Nondestructive random assignment works to scale, rotate, move or randomly adjust the color of the individual elements of their employers. Export the result as bitmap graphics (JPEG, PNG, TIFF) or vector (SVG, EPS, PDF) or just copy and paste it into another application. Export animations as GIF, SVG, QuickTime MOV, MPEG4 or numbered PNG, JPG or PDF files. Extensive manual, sample files, node reference guide and other online help features to help you get started.

Major changes in Patternodes 2 Less versitiles nodes. Many types of nodes have been combined into more capable. This will allow you to do more with fewer nodes and make it easier to try new things and play with the software without replacing or adding new nodes. SVG export. Export support for both static vectors and animations to SVG format. Change application modes node. Most graphs change nodes (such as color change or transformation) are now built to switch between the application of the change to the group, each individual element in the group or a selected subset of elements in the group compatibility. This replaces many nodes matrix operation and eliminates the need for a large amount of division and combination had to do in Patternodes 1. More powerful nodes. More or less all nodes to create forms, transforming or repeating elements have small additions and enhancements to enable new applications and improve existing functionality. Improved usability. Many improvements to simplify and streamline basic tasks to edit values and work with nodes and connections. New node table working with layers. The above document and the output nodes are combined into a single output node Artboard multilayered output together with the size and configuration of worktable. Changes in language and concepts Many names have been renamed to be more in line with industry standards and / or common language to make them easier to understand. For example, the old transformation nodes are now called nodes change and the old array elements now simply called groups. Improving exports animation. Support to export animations longer at higher resolutions in more formats and with higher quality. Mode dynamic elements repeaters. Allowing the properties of the base elements in random values or index based by generating a repeating pattern.








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