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NewTek LightWave 3D 2019.1 破解版 – 重量级3D设计软件之一


LightWave 3D for Mac专为Mac用户设计的三维动画制作软件,功能强大,操作简便,易学易用,被广泛应用于电子游戏开发、电视、电影、网页、广告、以及印刷图形和设计等领域,LightWave 3D 是目前Mac上为数不多的几款重量级三维动画软件之一。

[LightWave 3D 在官网售价995美元]

NewTek LightWave 3D® allows anyone to become an artist and 3D animator. The software is affordable, complete, easy to learn and use, and is well established as one of the leading 3D systems on the market to produce beautiful photorealistic renderings and incredible animes. This complete solution ready to use 3D animation now offers interactive real-time 3D collaborative across a bridge to Unreal Engine.

New features in LightWave 2019: Real – time collaboration of LightWave ™ to Unreal Engine LightWave 3D® Era enters the real – time exchange with this workflow link between LightWave 3D® Unreal Engine and focusing on driving LightWave. Iterative changes are unreal. LightWave multiple seats can be connected simultaneously to the same Unreal Editor to allow real – time collaboration between artists. The bridge uses the proven discovery mechanism NDI® NewTek networks for easy automatic configuration, and may be limited to using a single project in Unreal, or installed as a general supplement for use in all projects Unreal.

FBX and the new bridge exchange FBX work with standard industry data on a whole new level through the new Interchange Bridge. Interactively choose what to import / export and how. Add to existing FBX files Layout and Modeler. LightWave 3D® create resources from many FBX files. Again easily visit the FBX files through workspaces.

Customization tools shader model The ability to separate materials and create them according to your tastes LightWave 3D® is new for 2019. There is access to the functions of Fresnel, materials and components integrators materials. The toolkit of materials has been updated with new nodes to support this capability.

Content creation OpenVDB LightWave 3D® 2018 introduced the ability to import and generate a volume of mist OpenVDB. LightWave 3D® New for 2019 is a set of tools that allow node content creation OpenVDB. You can now create grids OpenVDB from meshes, particles and even the distance estimator primitively. The toolkit allows operations live Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG), filtering grid includes tracking level sets, smoothing, dilation and erosion. Solvers that allow fluid simulation and the effects of smoke and fire are included.

metamorphic Metamorphic is a plug-in animatable mesh sculpting and manipulation vertex maps for LightWave 3D 2019 running on Layout, and leverages the new capabilities of the modifier stack. Freeform animated sculpture. Built undo / redo system fully multithreaded sculpture using all available CPU cores support pen pressure for size, strength and hardness of the brush (Windows only) Support texture Nodal brush Three modes of animation Interpolation nonlinear frame key animation sculpting Supports conversion keyframes sculptures Endomorphs Predictive corrective morphological sculpture works after deformers with integrated controller / driver Support Full Motion Blur

Scale screen support to scale many elements of the user interface screens HiDPI and large screen Options independent scaling for multiple monitor configurations

Bone system improved game development the new option bone Type, Limited bones, allows the animator set a limit on the design of the amount of bone that affect a certain point to match the limit on the lens motor game, and performs optimizations in real time to adapt better performance. Engines expect from a platform game.

Shader Edge Node A node to simulate beveled or rounded edges processing time for more realistic results without increasing geometry.



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