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Hype Pro 4 4.0.1 破解版 – HTML5动画制作软件


Hype是一款强大的Mac OS平台 HTML5 创作工具,它可以在网页上做出赏心悦目的动画效果,无需 Flash 插件。更重要的是这款强的html5开发工具竟然还有中文版!现在你几乎不需要任何的编码知识,只需要简单的拖拽就可以制作出好玩的动画,基于时间轴的制作方式非常的方便!

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Create powerful interactive and animated web content with Hype. Hype generates HTML5 that works on all modern browsers and mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. Without writing code. Avant – garde designers use Hype to create animations that give a surprising web pages touch, infographics, presentations, digital magazines, advertisements, iBooks, educational materials, prototype applications, wallets, animated GIFs, videos, entire websites and so on . Hype won the Macworld Editors’ Choice Award 2011. Award

from prototype to production, anyone can create rich interactive content with Hype.

Create animations quickly: • System easy to use animation based on keyframes • Record mode that records every movement and creates keyframes automatically • Create curves natural motion paths Bezier • Create scenes for organization and flow • Use several simultaneous temporary controls to play animations

Add interactivity: • The action controllers put in up and control times, the transition between scenes or execution of custom JavaScript • Create action controllers visually to respond to touches, clicks and animation events

Create powerful content: • Editing scenes based on WebKit WYSIWYG ( “what you see is what you get “) • smart Tools guide lines, layout and sizing • Easily integrate video and audio to create amazing multimedia documents • Innovative effects: blur, change hue, brightness, saturation, shadows, reflection and 3D transformations • Add Google Fonts to your projects or use your own fonts web CSS • a flexible design resizes the content to any screen • image support Retina

Perfect for mobile devices: • the HTML5 generated Hype works perfectly on mobile devices • easily add shares slide and touch • Attach drag events to temporary control positions for optimum interactivity • Preview projects on iPhone and iPad with the free associated app Hype Reflect for iOS • The mode mirror Hype Reflect shows changes in real – time

Extension with code: • Edit the innerHTML of any element • JavaScript editor integrated to write functions custom that is triggered by user actions • Use the JavaScript API Hype to control scenes, temporary controls and other

Export to HTML: • HTML5, styles CSS3 and JavaScript latest generation • the content works on all browsers, from IE 6 the latest version of Chrome • a separate directory contains all resources and JavaScript document • Integrate into existing pages by copying and pasting 3 lines of HTML • Great for ads and fast on mobile devices: a minimum document takes up only 24KB (compressed) and 3 network connections • publishing directly to Dropbox

Hype also exports: • Widgets iBooks Author • Videos • animated GIFs

Because we love OS X: • Written exclusively in Cocoa as OS X application (compatible with 10.8-10.11) • Adopt the new features of OS X and looks fabulous on Retina screens



Hype Pro











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