xScan 4.5.5 破解版 – Mac系统扫描工具

xScan 4.5.5 破解版 – Mac系统扫描工具

xScan mac版是Macos上一款Mac系统扫描工具,支持CPU、内存、硬盘、网络、温度、进程、系统、应用程序崩溃报告等信息的查看和监控,xScan的优势在于界面非常的漂亮,并且还能够扫描系统存在的隐患和漏洞,提出警告




xScan 4.5.5 破解版 – Mac系统扫描工具
xScan 4.5.5 破解版 – Mac系统扫描工具
xScan 4.5.5 破解版 – Mac系统扫描工具

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xScan mac版是Macos上一款Mac系统扫描工具,支持CPU、内存、硬盘、网络、温度、进程、系统、应用程序崩溃报告等信息的查看和监控,xScan的优势在于界面非常的漂亮,并且还能够扫描系统存在的隐患和漏洞,提出警告,非常的不错
xScan is featuring a modern user interface where you can drag and drop the widgets of your choice on a main window. For each widget, you can setup display options. Thus, you can configure the display differently for each computer according to the specific needs of each machine.
Easy install, simple interface
Widgets to drag and drop on the main window
Processor widget
Disk widget
Network widget
IP Address widget
Computer information widget
Memory widget
Temperature widget
Battery widget
Web server widget
What’s New:
Version 4.5.5:
Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit