XLIFF Editor 2.10 破解版 – XLIFF文件编辑工具

XLIFF Editor 2.10 破解版 – XLIFF文件编辑工具

Xliff Editor Mac版是Mac平台上一款本地化XLIFF文件编辑工具,Xliff Editor for Mac 破解版可以用来编辑Xliff格式的本地化文件,支持多个并发文件编辑
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XLIFF Editor 2.10 破解版 – XLIFF文件编辑工具
XLIFF Editor 2.10 破解版 – XLIFF文件编辑工具
XLIFF Editor 2.10 破解版 – XLIFF文件编辑工具

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Xliff Editor Mac版是Mac平台上一款本地化XLIFF文件编辑工具,Xliff Editor for Mac 破解版可以用来编辑Xliff格式的本地化文件,支持多个并发文件编辑,功能非常实用。
并不是所有的Xliff编辑器都是一样的。我们已经定制了自己的XML解析器来读取最复杂的Xliff v8.2文件。Xliff编辑器可以轻松地处理分段、内嵌标签和其他翻译。
xliff文件是一种基于XML的标准化文件格式,用于表示本地化数据。最简单的形式是存储原始(源)字符串以及它的翻译(目标)补充。Xliff文件使本地化更加友好,并且比手工翻译更容易出错。Xliff文件可以通过扩展来标识。xliff或.xlf。SDL Trados(.sdlxliff)也使用xliff格式,但也包含一些额外的本体数据。
为什么XLIFF ?
Xcode 6引入了导出/导入所有本地化数据的能力,消除了向本地化者发送各种文件格式以进行翻译的需要。XLIFF格式使翻译成为一种“cinch”,因为它删除了所有的布局和格式,并为您的翻译提供了一个简单的文本-文本翻译机制。
XLIFF Editor – its fast loading, easy to use, and has a low memory footprint. Did weforget to mention the protection of labels online, fuzzy search, intuitive shortcuts, multiple files concurrent editing and native spell checker. It also has some very nice customizations that you can use to better suit your workflow.
Not all publishers have created Xliff alike. We have created our own XML parser to read even the most complex Xliff v1.2 files. XLIFF Editor effortlessly handles segmentation, labels online and alternative translations.
*** What is XLIFF file?**
A XLIFF file is a standardized file format based on XML, used to represent location data. In its simplest form, the original string (source) is stored as its complement and translated (target). XLIFF files allow localization much easier to use and less prone to errors than manual translation. XLIFF files can be identified by the .xliff extensions or .xlf. SDL Trados (.sdlxliff) also uses the XLIFF format, but includes some additional property data.
*** Why XLIFF?**
Xcode 6 introduced the ability to export / import all your location data, eliminating the need to send multiple file formats to your localisers for translation. The XLIFF format makes translating a cinch because it eliminates all the design and format, and only provides a simple text – to – text translation mechanism for your translators.
– outstanding search
-Search blurred
-Corrector spell
-Easy recognition untranslated strings
-XLIFF, XLF file support
-SDLXIFF read support with export to XLIFF
-Support for trans alt-seg-source nodes and
protection labels line
-Support to edit multiple files simultaneously
-Bella interface
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor