wordCount 2.56 破解版 – 字数统计工具

wordCount 2.56 破解版 – 字数统计工具

wordCount for mac破解版是一款非常好用的字数统计工具,我们借助这款精美的wordCount应用程序,您可以在任何地方选择任何内容,计算并显示字符,单词,行和UTF8字符的数量




wordCount 2.56 破解版 – 字数统计工具

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wordCount for mac破解版是一款非常好用的字数统计工具,我们借助这款精美的wordCount应用程序,您可以在任何地方选择任何内容,计算并显示字符,单词,行和UTF8字符的数量
wordCount Count and display the number of characters, words, lines and UTF8 characters in anything you select at anywhere with this elegant app! (attention: setting interface located in status menu bar)
Still counting words by hand? Still copy-pasting into Microsoft Word just to get the word count? No offense, but you need something less clumsy and more convenient, like a specialized app that can count characters and words without you having to leave your browser or email client.
wordCount is exactly what you need! A simple, easy-to-use app for whatever you might be doing. Just highlight a selection, a delicate window will pop up and give you the character and word counts. It’s that easy!
Not only can this app count Western alphabets (Latin and Cyrillic), it can even count UTF-8 foreign characters, such as Chinese, Korean or Arabic. With customizable controls, you would enjoy the come and go of the little counter window.
OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor