WidsMob Viewer 2.15 破解版 – WidsMob图像查看工具

WidsMob Viewer 2.15 破解版 – WidsMob图像查看工具

WidsMob Image Viewer Mac版是一款苹果电脑上兼容性极高的图像查看器,拥有先进的算法以超快的速度浏览照片,即便您需要查看不同文件夹中的照片




WidsMob Viewer 2.15 破解版 – WidsMob图像查看工具
WidsMob Viewer 2.15 破解版 – WidsMob图像查看工具
WidsMob Viewer 2.15 破解版 – WidsMob图像查看工具

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WidsMob Image Viewer Mac版是一款苹果电脑上兼容性极高的图像查看器,拥有先进的算法以超快的速度浏览照片,即便您需要查看不同文件夹中的照片,也可以使用库模式快速查看,除了JPG,JPEG,TIFF,PNG,BMP和其他照片格式外,widsmob Image viewer mac破解版还支持大多数流行的RAW格式。它能够从SD卡或外部驱动器加载RAW文件。还使您能够将RAW文件转换为JPG,PNG和其他照片格式。
有什么方法可以查看Mac上的一个文件夹中的所有图像?如何以超快的速度预览多张照片?如何选择和导出所需的照片?为了有一个很好的照片观看体验,WidsMob Viewer应该是您需要考虑的解决方案。
当您有数百张照片时,只能将一个图像或整个文件夹添加到WidsMob Viewer以预览所有图像。即使您需要查看不同文件夹中的照片,也可以使用库模式。它具有先进的算法,以超快的速度查看照片。
除了JPG,JPEG,TIFF,PNG,BMP和其他照片格式外,WidsMob Viewer还支持大多数流行的RAW格式。它能够从SD卡或外部驱动器加载RAW文件。它还使您能够将RAW文件转换为JPG,PNG和其他照片格式。

Is there a way to view all images in a folder on Mac? How to preview several photos in detail at super fast speed? How to select and export the desired photos? To have an enjoyable experience of viewing photos, WidsMob Viewer must be a solution must take into account.
Excellent experience Preview
When you have hundreds of photos, you can only add a picture or entire folder to WidsMob Viewer to preview all the images. Even if you need to see pictures in different folders, you can use the library mode. It has an advanced algorithm for photos at super fast speed.
RAW format support
In addition to the JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and other photos format, WidsMob Viewer also supports most popular formats RAW. It is able to load RAW files from the SD card or external drive. It also allows you to convert RAW files to JPG, PNG and other formats photos.
Different mode preview
View all photos in a folder in the display mode; see photos from different folders in Library mode; Enjoy photos in full – screen Slideshow mode; obtain desired pictures in the Favorite mode. You can always find a method to view photos with different purposes.
Multiple editing functions
Whether you need to adjust settings for photos or apply photo effects, you can find multiple editing functions available from the user interface. In addition, you can also crop, flip, rotate, delete and even use batch processing to edit pictures with ease.
Easily manage photos
Press Control and drag the photo to the desktop or the folder you want. If you are not satisfied with the images, you need only delete the images in the Trash. In addition, you can also add to the Favorites folder, you can batch resize, convert or export to a destination folder.
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor