Warp 4.2 破解版 – 数据库分析软件

Warp 4.2 破解版 – 数据库分析软件

Warp 数据库分析软件中,用户可以光速轻松地转换和分析大型数据库,满足Mac用户的工作要求,简单的操作让你快速上手分析




Warp 4.2 破解版 – 数据库分析软件
Warp 4.2 破解版 – 数据库分析软件
Warp 4.2 破解版 – 数据库分析软件

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Warp 数据库分析软件中,用户可以光速轻松地转换和分析大型数据库,满足Mac用户的工作要求,简单的操作让你快速上手分析!Warp for Mac版软件安装即可破解使用,无需在件中输入任何代码就可以快速进行数据库的分析,让你的工作效果得到显著的提高
Warp allows you to convert and analyze (very) large databases with ease at the speed of light. In Warp, you work on a small subset of the data, after which Warp repeats your actions on the entire dataset. Unlike most data analysis apps, you do not have to type any codes in Warp.
Read data from files (e.g. CSVs), databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite) or even big data warehouses (RethinkDB and Facebook Presto)
Effortlessly juggle around data between files and databases by simply dragging-and-dropping! Load CSV files into MySQL or transfer a PostgreSQL table to a RethinkDB table by just dragging one to the other.
Efficiently analyze large datasets: Warp works closely together with databases to deliver the best performance.
Work faster by creating your analysis on a small subset of the data, then run it on all data with only a single click
Use the same formulas and techniques (such as pivot tables) you already know from Microsoft Excel™
Easily re-run an analysis on different data, possibly from different sources
Easy-to-use, drag and drop interface, but the pro features are never more than a click away
What’s New:
Version 4.0:
Work more easily with data sets in zoomed mode!
Use SSH tunnels to connect to MySQL databases
Warp now supports CockroachDB
Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later