Valentina Server 14.1.1 破解版 – 强大的数据库服务器

Valentina Server 14.1.1 破解版 – 强大的数据库服务器

Valentina Server是一款功能强大的服务器软件,专为Valentina数据库设计的




Valentina Server 14.1.1 破解版 – 强大的数据库服务器
Valentina Server 14.1.1 破解版 – 强大的数据库服务器
Valentina Server 14.1.1 破解版 – 强大的数据库服务器

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Valentina Server是一款功能强大的服务器软件,专为Valentina数据库设计的。它提供了高性能和可扩展性,能够处理大量的数据库连接和查询请求。Valentina Server被广泛应用于企业级应用和大型数据库系统中,为用户提供了稳定可靠的数据库服务。
Valentina Server reports from all major databases or with its own advanced, object-relational database system.
Valentina Client ADK for iOS
Build iOS apps with an embedded VCLIENT to Valentina Server
Valentina Forms Server
Register Valentina Forms to Valentina Server to share them with colleagues and clients.
Fast Web Applications
Build high performance server-side web applications with PHP, Python or Ruby on Rails.
Valentina Reports Objects
Build your report visually with drag-and-drop, scriptable report objects in Valentina Studio Pro.
REST & JSON Access Anywhere
Build web applications accessible anywhere using these lightweight protocols.
Valentina Server can push notifications through a notification channel which in turn can spread among subscribing applications asynchronously.
Hot Back Up Your Data
Automatically back up your databases to any directory on your network without having to shut down your server.
Valentina SQLite Server
Valentina SQLite Server is a full featured, standards compliant multi-user access SQLite based database server.
Event Scheduler
Automate business and data management processes with Valentina Server support for triggers and event scheduling.
Valentina Reports Server
Server-side business applications with a data-rich reports, charts, graphs, barcodes, export to PDF, HTML and more with all major databases and servers.
Auto Discover on Network
Optionally make Valentina Server automatically and securely discoverable on your network using Bonjour, a form of zero-config.
Valentina DB Server
Blazingly fast object-relational database server based on the Valentina DB core model.