UTM Virtual Machines 4.4.3 破解版 – QEMU 系统模拟器

UTM Virtual Machines 4.4.3 破解版 – QEMU 系统模拟器

UTM 在沙盒环境中安全地使用流行的 QEMU 系统模拟器来保护您的数据免受模拟操作系统中的病毒和恶意软件的侵害。




UTM Virtual Machines 4.4.3 破解版 – QEMU 系统模拟器

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UTM 在沙盒环境中安全地使用流行的 QEMU 系统模拟器来保护您的数据免受模拟操作系统中的病毒和恶意软件的侵害。
运行 Windows® 10 for ARM 或 Ubuntu® for ARM 完全虚拟化以获得最大性能。运行 Windows® 7 或任何旧的 Intel/AMD 模拟系统,并具有不错的性能。
UTM 专为使用最新最好的 Apple 技术的 macOS Big Sur 设计,从头开始构建时就考虑到了 Mac。
UTM is a full featured system emulator and virtual machine host for iOS and macOS. It is based off of QEMU. In short, it allows you to run Windows, Linux, and more on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad
UTM employs Apple’s Hypervisor virtualization framework to run ARM64 operating systems on Apple Silicon at near native speeds. On Intel Macs, x86/x64 operating system can be virtualized. In addition, lower performance emulation is available to run x86/x64 on Apple Silicon as well as ARM64 on Intel. For developers and enthusiasts, there are dozens of other emulated processors as well including: ARM32, MIPS, PPC, and RISC-V. Your Mac can now truly run anything.
Full system emulation (MMU, devices, etc) using QEMU
30 processors supported including x86_64, ARM64, and RISC-V
VGA graphics mode using SPICE and QXL
Text terminal mode
USB devices
JIT based acceleration using QEMU TCG
Frontend designed from scratch for macOS 11 and iOS 11 using the latest and greatest APIs
Create, manage, run VMs directly from your device
Compatibility OS X 11.0 or later, 64-bit processor