URL Extractor 4.8.2 破解版 – URL提取工具

URL Extractor 4.8.2 破解版 – URL提取工具

URL Extractor 4 for Mac是Mac平台上一款可以从各种文件、Web和搜索引擎中提取电子邮件地址和URL的工具,支持批处理文件、导出等功能,使用很便捷




URL Extractor 4.8.2 破解版 – URL提取工具

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URL Extractor 4 for Mac是Mac平台上一款可以从各种文件、Web和搜索引擎中提取电子邮件地址和URL的工具,支持批处理文件、导出等功能,使用很便捷
URL Extractor extracts email addresses and URLs from files, the Web and through search engines. You can start from a single website and browse all the links inside looking emails or URL to extract and save all in HD user. You can also extract a single file or the entire contents of a folder on your HD at any nested level.
Once done, you can save documents URL Extractor disk, containing all the settings used for a particular file or folder or web pages, ready to be reused. Or the extracted data can be saved to disk as text files ready to be used for the purposes of the user.
It allows the user to specify a list of web pages used as starting points navigation and go to other websites through cross navigation. You can also specify a set of keywords; then searches the web pages related to keywords across search engines and initiates a cross navigation pages, compiling URL. You can browse for hours without user interaction mode web extraction, extracting all URLs in all web pages you browse without supervision; or starting from a single search engine using keywords, looking at all the resulting pages and linked in navigation and URL Fetch unlimited.
• Excerpts from PDF, also online.
• Excerpts from multiple files within a folder at any level of nesting (also thousands of files)
• Extracts directly from the web pages plying on background. None user action required!
• Extracts on search engines starting with keywords and browse all pages linked in an unlimited navigation from one page to the next, all this just from a single keyword
• Removing Google specific international sites Google with URL Fetch more focused in each country and language.
• Table URL for live web extraction
• Remove the web address, FTP address, email, font, Telnet, the URL of the local file, the news. and generic post
• Drag and drop files to process
• Uses the latest technology multithreaded Cocoa without legacy code inside.
• Use a separate thread for the extraction process and web browsing, Do not freeze during extraction, even in heavy tasks!
• Option for removal of a single domain.
• Use multiple search engines .com .it .fr country. .co.uk .de and .uk au .ar .au .at .be .br .fi .ca .nl .se .cn .jp .ch, use google and bing
• Use Resume, Auto Save, Versions, Full Screen.
• Web and blacklist removal search engines (not extract from there)
• Import / export to / from the blacklist
What’s New:
Version 4.7.1:
Optimized for macOS 11 Big Sur
Universal format for Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac
Bug fix
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor