Upscayl 2.11.5 破解版 – 开源的 AI 图像增强软件

Upscayl 2.11.5 破解版 – 开源的 AI 图像增强软件





Upscayl 2.11.5 破解版 – 开源的 AI 图像增强软件
Upscayl 2.11.5 破解版 – 开源的 AI 图像增强软件
Upscayl 2.11.5 破解版 – 开源的 AI 图像增强软件

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Upscayl 是一个基于 Linux 优先理念构建的跨平台应用程序。这意味着我们将 Linux 构建优先于其他构建,但这并不意味着我们会破坏其他操作系统的东西 😃
注意:Upscayl 在没有 GPU 的情况下无法工作,抱歉。你需要一个兼容 Vulkan 的 GPU 来升级图像。CPU 或 iGPU 将无法工作。
Image upscalers are getting more accessible every day, and we now have apps that simplify the process to such an extent that anyone can do it with a couple of clicks.
Upscayl is an open-source, cross-platform app that should be suitable for most scenarios. It doesn’t offer a lot of customization options, but it supports several AI models and even allows you to import your own. It comes with a minimalistic interface and supports batch processing.
Simple upscaling tool
Getting started is easy. You just need to import the image you want to upscale, either via drag and drop or by navigating to its location, select the preferred upscaling model, and then start things up. You’ll be able to track the upscaling process in the preview panel.
Once the job is done, you can compare the original and enhanced images. However, it would be nice if you were able to zoom in while doing so, as it would make it easier to spot differences.
Integrates multiple AI models and can load custom ones
At present, you can choose between Real-ESRGAN, Remacri, UltraMix, UltraSharp, and a digital art model. These can provide different results, but other than selecting the upscaling factor, no other settings can be customized.
If you’ve downloaded your own AI models, you can load them from the app’s settings.
Useful for those who need a quick, straightforward upscaler
Upscayl does a good job most of the time, but upscaling can be quite tricky to get just right. That’s why more complex applications let you customize settings like noise removal and sharpening, which can iron out defects brought on by generating additional pixels.
If you’re looking for an easy way to upscale a few images, and you’re willing to do a bit of trial and error when it comes to finding the right AI model, this app should usually be adequate, but a more advanced tool is needed for in-depth fine-tuning.
What’s New:
Version 2.7.5:
New website launch!
Fixed 2x, 3x scale issue #303
Added compression and fixed JPEG/PNG output forever
Added output type and compression options for batch upscale
Added fix for empty upscaled image #354
Added a totally new Upscayl theme.
Fix scale resolution #433
Started to integrate Upscayl Cloud
Added toggle to allow overwriting upscaled photos.
Added new Upscayl theme and macOS look.
Batch upscale will now delete .DS_Store files in macOS.
Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later