Tweak Photos 2.9 破解版 – 批量图像处理编辑工具

Tweak Photos 2.9 破解版 – 批量图像处理编辑工具

Tweak Photos for Mac是一款能够为您批量进行图像编辑处理软件,你可以通过它进行批量图像重命名、格式转换和自定义处理,非常的方便




Tweak Photos 2.9 破解版 – 批量图像处理编辑工具
Tweak Photos 2.9 破解版 – 批量图像处理编辑工具
Tweak Photos 2.9 破解版 – 批量图像处理编辑工具

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Tweak Photos for Mac是一款能够为您批量进行图像编辑处理软件,你可以通过它进行批量图像重命名、格式转换和自定义处理,非常的方便。Tweak Photos Mac破解版只需要简单的几下点击就能够为您一次性处理上千张图像,完全没有任何问题,有需要的朋友快来看看吧!
Systweak has developed a brand new batch image editing app, Tweak Photos, for your Mac. It could very well be the ultimate batch editing tool you have been looking for! With Tweak Photos, editing thousands of your photos is just a matter of few clicks. It is a highly efficient tool that helps you customize as many effects as you want for a whole lot of photos. It also helps you to convert photo formats, and renaming an entire batch of photos in just one go.
Tweak Photos for Mac allows you to pick your choice of effects and apply them together on the entire batch of photos. Instead of enhancing photos one by one, which is definitely a tedious job, Tweak Photos is all about ‘CLICK.COLLECT.CONVERT’.
Convert to and from the popular image formats like JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, JP2, JPG, BMP;
Rename your batch with meaningful names with several available settings;
Re-size & Auto-correct Orientation
Re-size your batch of photos in pixels or percentage to save space or for easy sharing;
Auto-correct the orientation of your photos based on the EXIF info;
Rotate/Flip your batch for portrait or landscape view;
Crop region from your photos from the various available predefined formats or according to your choice;
Enhance and control the Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, and more;
Choose from the various effects like: Sepia, Black & White, Vignette, Light effects, Grunge effects, ti name just a few;
De-Noise your entire batch of photos;
Use RGB adjust controller to control the color contrast of multiple photos;
Watermark & add logo to your batch of photos;
Automatically stamp the photos with the original/modified Date/Time as per EXIF Info and your choice of format;
Add text to your batch of photos and customize the font style;
Choose from the various beautifully crafted frames like Classic, Fancy, Film Strip, Royal, Vintage, and more;
Edit/Delete your Batch effect layers anytime during batch editing;
Change position of layers to see the difference;
Quick preview of any errors & warnings like duplicate file names, file missing etc.;
Option to process the skipped files again without reworking;
Save your last edited session for later use;
Create a favorite with your choice of batch effects and apply during your next edit session in a just a single click;
What’s New:
Version 2.6
Photo editing engine improved.
Image Preview issue fixed.
macOS 12 compatible.
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor