StopMotion 3.01 破解版 – 视频定格动画工具

StopMotion 3.01 破解版 – 视频定格动画工具

如何做出惊人的定格动画效果?推荐使用StopMotion mac版,它使您可以看到叠加在相机馈送上的先前捕获的半透明版本




StopMotion 3.01 破解版 – 视频定格动画工具
StopMotion 3.01 破解版 – 视频定格动画工具

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如何做出惊人的定格动画效果?推荐使用StopMotion mac版,它使您可以看到叠加在相机馈送上的先前捕获的半透明版本。可以随时预览和保存电影,并且保存的电影将立即弹出供您检查
Stop motion and time-lapse movies are commonplace nowadays, and dozens of cool new ones are pumped out every day, attracting thousands of views. Want your stop motion video to be awesome, but just can’t seem to make anything better than clumsy wannabe? This app is for you!
The key is the special ghosting feature, which allows you to see a semitransparent version of your previous capture superimposed on your camera feed. It might not sound like much, but this can actually help you greatly with positioning as you now have the previous shot as a guide. Ultimately, your movie will turn out to be much less jumpy and glitchier.
Of course, this great feature is complemented by a complete suite of features you can expect to find in a premium stop-motion movie software, and all of this is part of an elegant, easy-to-use interface.
Creating Stop Motion movies has never been easier or more accurate!
Storyboard displays a semitransparent “ghost” of your last captured frame: picture on top of your current feed to make capture much more accurate and manageable. (See attached photo). With this feature, your movies will flow much smoother and look much more professional.
Supports all USB, FireWire webcam, iSight Camera, and DV Video devices that your Mac can recognize, even the newest HD cameras!
Takes RAW to uncompress pictured data grabbed from the camera, which makes your capture resolution even higher than the default video resolution of your device. For HD devices, you may expect a resolution even higher than 1920*1080.
Frames Per Second (fps) of the finished video can be set from 1 to 50 and can be changed after each capture so you can get the perfect vibe.
Can save all of your captured images in addition to generating the movie
Movie can be previewed and saved at any time you prefer, and the saved movie will be pop out immediately for you to inspect
All captured frame images are named with a detailed time stamp and neatly saved into a project folder - all to keep you organized.
Both manual and automatic modes - make a time-lapse without lifting a finger with the automatic shooting feature. Shooting interval can be freely adjusted between 10 to 600 seconds (10 minutes).
Built-in tips and one-click email tech-support.
Fully rewrite the high-resolution single photo capture
Fully rewrite the Global Hotkey
Protect of start rendering multiple movies simultaneously
All deprecated rewritten
(Note: If you do not have a DV driver for your DSLR, the app you want is not this one but ‘photo2movie’ or ‘picture2movie’.)
What’s New:
Version v2.20
Any Mac (Apple Silicon, Intel) version for macOS Big Sur
fully rewrite the high-resolution single photo capture
fully rewrite the Global Hotkey
protect of start rendering multiple movies simultaneously
bug fixed: trigger hotkey hang app before selecting a device correctly
some alert modified
interface fine-tuning for dark mode
support menu updated
all deprecated rewritten
Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later