Silverstack Lab 6.5.1 破解版 – 数据管理工具

Silverstack Lab 6.5.1 破解版 – 数据管理工具




Silverstack Lab 6.5.1 破解版 – 数据管理工具

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Silverstack Lab for Mac是一款便捷的数据管理软件,能够在一个工具中同时处理数据管理和样片创建的软件。可以安全地备份素材并透明地进行组织,同时可以创建样片。并且配备了高性能转码引擎,自动音频同步功能和库扩展,简化了转码管理
Silverstack Lab is the first software that enables a simultaneous handling of data management and dailies creation in one tool. Footage can be backed up securely and organized transparently – while at the same time dailies can be created. With this simultaneous approach all digital assets become accessible for review and further processing at the end of every production day.
Silverstack Lab comes with a high performance transcoding engine, an automated audio sync function, and a library extension that simplifies the management of transcodes. By supporting the parallel creation of AVID DNxHD, ProRes, and H.264 files in various resolutions at the same time, the dailies creation process becomes extremely fast and reaches a new level of productivity.
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit