Shottr 1.7.2 破解版 – 屏幕截图注释工具

Shottr 1.7.2 破解版 – 屏幕截图注释工具

Shottr 是一款小巧快速的 Mac 截图工具,具有注释、滚动截图和云上传功能




Shottr 1.7.2 破解版 – 屏幕截图注释工具
Shottr 1.7.2 破解版 – 屏幕截图注释工具
Shottr 1.7.2 破解版 – 屏幕截图注释工具

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Shottr 是一款小巧快速的 Mac 截图工具,具有注释、滚动截图和云上传功能。用爱构建并针对 Apple 芯片进行优化。
Shottr 是一个针对 M1 优化的小型(1.6mb dmg,3.6mb 解压)本机应用程序。抓取屏幕截图只需要 17 毫秒,向您展示大约 165 毫秒。
截取长网页的屏幕截图或捕获聊天中的对话。Shottr 可能是 Mac 上唯一免费的滚动屏幕截图应用程序。
文本识别 (OCR) 和 QR
收到无法选择的文本?按热键并选择一个区域 - Shottr 将解析文本并将其复制到剪贴板。OCR 功能还可以读取 QR 码。
Shottr is a tiny and fast Mac screenshot tool with annotations, screenshot scrolling, and the ability to upload to the cloud. Crafted with love and optimized for Apple processors.
Small and Fast
Shottr is a tiny (1.6MB damage, 3.6MB unpacked) native app optimized for the M1. It only takes 17ms to take a screenshot and about 165ms to show it to you.
Scroll through screenshots on Mac
Take a screenshot of a long web page or record a chat conversation. Shottr is probably the only free scrolling screenshot app for Mac.
Pixelate or Remove Objects
Hide parts of your screen behind a pixelated curtain or erase sensitive information as if it was never there. Text mode hides text without damaging anything else.
Text recognition (OCR) and QR
Got a message you can’t select? Press the hotkey and select an area - Shottr will analyze the text and copy it to the clipboard. The OCR function also reads QR codes.
Pin Screenshots
Pin images as floating, borderless windows, always positioned on top. Convenient for storing links or temporary storage of screenshots.
Markup Screenshots
Add text, freehand drawings, lens flares, spotlights, and other visual effects to your drawings.
Image Overlay
Insert images on top of screenshots. Make the overlays semi-transparent to highlight the differences, or create a two-frame before and after animation.
Use it as a screen ruler
Press the ↑ or ↓ key and move the mouse to measure the vertical size, ← or → to measure the horizontal size. Click to print the measurement on the screenshot.
Organize your desktop
Select a special folder to save screenshots to ⌘ S . Great for purchase receipts, reminders, archival items, random images, etc.
Zoom in on pixels
Think of Shottr as a digital magnifier. If you need a closer look at something, take a screenshot and zoom in.
Selecting a color
Take a screenshot, zoom in, hover over a pixel, and press the Tab key to copy the color under the cursor.
macOS 10.15 and later