ScreenFloat 1.5.22 破解版 – 创建浮动屏幕截图

ScreenFloat 1.5.22 破解版 – 创建浮动屏幕截图

ScreenFloat Mac破解版是一款能够帮助我们实现在Mac下截图所需信息并将其置顶显示的实用工具,这样我们当前所需要使用到的信息内同就能始终保持可见状态




ScreenFloat 1.5.22 破解版 – 创建浮动屏幕截图

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ScreenFloat Mac破解版是一款能够帮助我们实现在Mac下截图所需信息并将其置顶显示的实用工具,这样我们当前所需要使用到的信息内同就能始终保持可见状态,该应用会把你需要相关内容信息进行截图,并且使这截图信息会浮显示在所有窗口的最前面。
ScreenFloat allows you to create screenshots which float above all other windows so that information is always readily available.
ScreenFloat is the ideal choice for anyone tired of moving and resizing windows around just to access a piece of information hidden behind them.
It is a great way to transfer not copy-paste-able information to another application.
It is also an excellent tool to store information for later use.
ScreenFloat offers you a great way to organize your shots with the built-in “Shots Browser”, which lets you tag and name shots and organize them in “Collections” and “Smart Collections”, sorted by criteria you specify.
Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor