Screen Studio 2.22.3 破解版 – 高质量macOS屏幕录制软件

Screen Studio 2.22.3 破解版 – 高质量macOS屏幕录制软件

Screen Studio 是一款高质量macOS屏幕录制软件,它能在录制过程中添加各种元素和效果,从而生成高质量的产品介绍视频或教程视频




Screen Studio 2.22.3 破解版 – 高质量macOS屏幕录制软件
Screen Studio 2.22.3 破解版 – 高质量macOS屏幕录制软件

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Screen Studio 是一款高质量macOS屏幕录制软件,它能在录制过程中添加各种元素和效果,从而生成高质量的产品介绍视频或教程视频。这款软件无需视频编辑技能,用户只需简单的操作即可制作出精美的屏幕录像
视频编辑功能:除了屏幕录制功能,Screen Studio还提供了视频编辑功能。用户可以在录制过程中添加各种元素和效果,以丰富和美化视频内容。
无论是想展示产品或服务,还是想分享知识和技能,Screen Studio for Mac都是理想的选择。它可以帮助用户在几分钟内制作出与经验丰富的视频编辑者制作的专业效果不相上下的屏幕演示视频。
Screen Studio is Beautiful Screen Recordings in Minutes
Creating high quality videos as easy as taking a screenshot. Designed for macOS.
High-quality videos.
Without video editing skills.
All the best design patterns baked in. Screen Studio is an opinionated tool that automatically makes your screen recordings look beautiful.
Promo videos, tutorials, product updates, demos, or social media stories. All leveled up without extra effort.
Engaging & Focused videos
Screen Studio instantly levels up your videos making it easier to follow while grabbing more attention. Especially on smaller screens.
Automatic zoom
To focus on the main action, Screen Studio automatically zooms in on actions you perform on your screen.
Vertical export mode
If you need to export your video in vertical mode, Screen Studio will automatically adjust all the zooms for optimal viewing experience.
Manual zoom
You can also manually pick important parts of your recording. Screen Studio will automatically animate all the zooms.
Easy editing
Simply drag your zooms on the timeline. All the heavy lifting is done automatically. No manual work is required.