Rob Papen Mastermagic v1.0.0c 破解版 – 虚拟调音台插件

Rob Papen Mastermagic v1.0.0c 破解版 – 虚拟调音台插件




Rob Papen Mastermagic v1.0.0c 破解版 – 虚拟调音台插件

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Rob Papen MasterMagic for Mac欢迎使用-MasterMagic-作为虚拟调音台主控部分的一部分,您不会再错过这个插件!只需将MasterMagic-置于主FX链的最末端,并对它能为您Wave Arts Dialog的赛道做多少感到惊讶!“单声道/立体声”部Wave Arts Dialog分,将使你的低端更加紧凑,“AIR”功Wave Arts Dialog能绝对神奇……即使你只使用了一小部分。
Welcome to -MasterMagic- complement not want to miss more as part of the main section of your virtual mixer! Simply place -MasterMagic- at the end of the master chain of effects and be amazed how much you can do for your track. The ‘Mono / Stereo’ section will make your low end is much tighter and ‘AIR’ function is pure magic … even if you use only a small amount.
Edition / Source feature
As soon as you start editing a preset (ie change a MasterMagic control), the Edit button
will turn If you click the Source button, return the preset to its original value.
Clicking the? HELP ICON opens PDF manual.
Click here to open the ECS menu. You can load / save your MIDI setup hooked (external control setup) here.
This is useful if you want to use your own controller configuration in other songs, music programs or systems.
Presets and generic controls
bar presets are located on the top of the window MasterMagic.
preset variations
A Preset in MasterMagic has two slots, A and B, in which two variations are stored preset.
This prevents MasterMagic FX. If “Air” and “Mono / Stereo” are active, both are omitted.
Air functions as an enhancer of very high frequencies with wide bandwidth using a notch algorithm.
Its effect is perceived as audio gives more space to breathe or “Air”.
Mono / stereo
filter divided mono / stereo can divide the audio signal into a mono and stereo part
based on a frequency.
Rear Panel
A click on the logo changes MasterMagic complement its rear panel. The rear panel contains
Program information and a number of global settings
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