Reeder 5.4.3 破解版 – RSS阅读器

Reeder 5.4.3 破解版 – RSS阅读器

Reeder mac是一个多功能RSS阅读器,用于Feedbin,Feedly,Feed Wrangler,Fever和Readability,它们也可以用作独立的新闻阅读器




Reeder 5.4.3 破解版 – RSS阅读器

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Reeder mac是一个多功能RSS阅读器,用于Feedbin,Feedly,Feed Wrangler,Fever和Readability,它们也可以用作独立的新闻阅读器。
A news reader for the Mac with support for various sync services.
Reeder 4 adds new features like…
– The new Bionic Reading mode
– An in-app Read Later service which syncs with iCloud
– Image previews in the articles list (finally)
– An image viewer
– Much improved article viewer
– More layout options, including automatic layout depending on window size
– Improved reader view
Navigate the app using gestures for a great reading experience. Customize shortcuts and gestures to fine-tune the app to your needs.
Supported sync services:
– Feedbin
– Feedly
– Feed Wrangler
– FeedHQ
– NewsBlur
– The Old Reader
– Inoreader
– BazQux Reader
– Instapaper
If you want to use a self-hosted service, Reeder should work with services which use the Fever or the Google Reader API. Or just standalone RSS (without syncing) if you don’t want to use any service.
Reeder 4 is also available for iOS.
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