Reader 6.2 破解版 – PDF阅读器

Reader 6.2 破解版 – PDF阅读器

Reader 是一款专为Mac用户设计的PDF阅读器,支持基本注释,包括突出显示和书写黄色注释




Reader 6.2 破解版 – PDF阅读器
Reader 6.2 破解版 – PDF阅读器

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Reader 是一款专为Mac用户设计的PDF阅读器,支持基本注释,包括突出显示和书写黄色注释。如果 PDF 在 Author 中创建文档时应用了 Visual-Meta,您还可以单击文档中的引文以获取带有参考信息和尾注的弹出窗口以获取注释
Reader is Fast & Minimalist PDF viewer with powerful controls.
This is the full version of Reader, which includes basic annotations including highlighting and writing yellow notes.
Speedy & Interactive
• ‘ESC’ to go in and out of full screen
• Highlight. Select and ‘h’ to highlight
• View Highlighted Text. ‘h’ without highlighted text to see all the highlights
Augmented PDF’s from Author
• Reader will display any valid PDF documents but is optimised for viewing PDF documents which have Visual-Meta attached.
→ Visual-Meta Interactions:
A document with Visual-Meta can be folded into a table of contents with cmd-
Copy as Citation.
Copy text from the PDF in Reader and go to our writing application Author and paste. Since Author understands that this is a citation, when you export you will have the citation automatically appended to the Reference section, saving you a lot of time
Powerful Navigation.
Right and left arrow for next and previous page and down and up arrow for next and previous level 1 heading (section)
View Highlighted Text in context.
‘h’ will also show headings so you know where the highlighted text is
More Useful Find.
Select text and cmd-f to see only the lines in the document with the selected text (plus headings so you know where the text is) and if there is a glossary term created for the document, it will automatically appear at the top of the screen
Click on a Citation to see Reference Information.
If the PDF has Visual-Meta applied when creating the document in Author, you can also click on citations in the document to get a pop-up with the Reference information and Endnotes to get the notes
Minimalist design with powerful tools for reading, particularly academic documents
• Select text and cmd-F to see only the sentences in the document with the selected text
• Selet text and ‘H’ for yellow highlight
• Select text and cmd-shift-h for grey highlight
• ‘h’ without selecting text to see all highlights
• Select text and ‘X’ to strikethrough with red line. '
• ESC to go in and out of fullscreen
• Single page in regular view, two pages in full screen view
• Spacebar for page down (arrow keys can also be used)
• White background in full-screen view since documents are usually white and therefore provides a clean reading space without a harsh black border
• Integrated with the Author word processor to provide instant citations through simply copying and pasting text using the Visual-Meta method as shown in the last screenshot and as described at
text to see all highlighted text
• cmd-shift-c to copy as citation
• Integrated with Liquid to provide hundreds of commands in less than one second on any selected text
• If document has Visual-Meta from the Author word processor
Supported Operation System
• macOS 10.14 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor