RAW Power 4.0 破解版 – RAW图片处理工具

RAW Power 4.0 破解版 – RAW图片处理工具

RAW Power for Mac是一款简单实用的RAW图片处理工具,RAW Power Mac作为优秀的RAW照片编辑器,提供了全面的RAW编辑工具,轻松帮你调整RAW图片
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RAW Power 4.0 破解版 – RAW图片处理工具
RAW Power 4.0 破解版 – RAW图片处理工具
RAW Power 4.0 破解版 – RAW图片处理工具

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RAW Power® has the best Finder, Photos and iCloud integration of any non-Apple photo app, plus advanced RAW editing, ratings and more.
A fast, non-destructive image editor app. No need to import – RAW Power can quickly browse any folder on your disk.
An Apple Photos library app. It is also compatible with iCloud Photos, so any Photos library changes you make sync to your other Macs and iOS devices.
A Photos editing extension.
Any way you use it, you get the same impressive editing features. With either app mode, you can rate, flag, and filter too.
RAW Power is great with JPEGs, with powerful adjustments absent from Apple’s Photos (such as LUTs, Depth Effect and Chromatic Aberration)
If you loved Aperture’s advanced RAW processing, you’ll feel at home with RAW Power. Adjustments like Boost, previously only available in Aperture, help you improve your images in ways that simply can’t be done in any other application.
Version 3.1:
Supports macOS Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur, as well as Apple M1 Macs
New: HSL Color Adjustment with 9 built in hues and a custom hue option.
New: External Editor support. Pick images from the Grid and choose Edit > Edit with External App. You have control over the format sent (including the original).
New: Add folders to the Favorites section in the browser
New: Export Original. If you have an R+J in Photos, it will copy both (N/A for File Browser). You can also use Export Actions (like Open Finder or Photoshop)
New: Edit either the RAW or JPEG of a R+J pair in the Photos library
Improved Export UI with metadata control, copyright field, Export Actions and additional options.
Improved Adjustment menu with Collapse all adjustments, Expand all adjustments; Collapse All Others and Keep Only One Adjustment Open
Improved Preset management: Added Reset to Defaults; Import is now cancellable; and you can export more than one preset at a time
Videos are supported in the File Browser, including ratings and flags (but not editing)
Add Cancel button to the bottom of the Editing interface.
Display shot information below histogram in Edit.
Improved filtering in Photo Library: Find RAW+JPEG files, filter by date, favorite status, and location status.
Improved filtering in File Browser: Filter by date and file name (full path or just the file name).
Improved Crop and Straighten: bigger handles, smarter initial state, and tweaks to the dragging behavior. Improved Straighten tool look and behavior.
Increased range of Deepen and Lighten.
Add Copy and Paste to the Edit menu to help with file name searching. Change shortcuts for Copy and Paste Adjustments.
Improved entering numeric values for editing. Option-Shift-Up Arrow or Option-Shift-Dow Arrow will change by exactly one.
Speed up Auto Enhance and Auto White Balance on tricky images.
Add “Send Feedback” to App menu
German and Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) localizations
Many other user interface improvements and bug fixes.
Older versions
Add Restore Edits feature for File Browser, for use after restoring images from backup or copying images to a different drive
Add ability to delete ratings and editing information from all images in a folder in the File Browser.
Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later, 64-bit processor