PureBasic 6.00 破解版 – BASIC语言编辑器

PureBasic 6.00 破解版 – BASIC语言编辑器

PureBasic Mac破解版是一款基于BASIC规则的编程语言,PureBASIC的显着特色是它广泛的可移植性




PureBasic 6.00 破解版 – BASIC语言编辑器
PureBasic 6.00 破解版 – BASIC语言编辑器
PureBasic 6.00 破解版 – BASIC语言编辑器

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PureBasic Mac破解版是一款基于BASIC规则的编程语言,PureBASIC的显着特色是它广泛的可移植性。它可以在Windows, MacOS X和 Linux系统上流畅运行。可以帮助用户创建或编辑PureBasic代码,调试,运行它并创建可执行文件,使有经验的用户可以轻松地从不同的项目同时访问代码行。
PureBasic is a modern, cross-platform environment for developing and debugging programs and games in BASIC, which allows you to create applications for Windows, Linux, MacOS X and AmigaOS platforms for Intel / AMD x86 and x64 processors, as well as for ARM 32 and ARM 64. The environment includes a cross-platform library containing more than 1800 functions. Their description can be found in the help (press F1 while PureBasic is running) or in the online help. Among them are functions for working with the console, windows, 2D and 3D graphics (OGRE engine), networking and much more. 32 bit images with alpha channel are supported. The functions of the “Thread” library make it easy to create parallel threads from ordinary procedures and functions, which is especially true for multiprocessor systems. There are facilities for thread synchronization. When using threads in a program, you need to enable the “Multithreading support” option in the compiler settings.
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