Processes 1.0.1 破解版 – 系统进程监视软件

Processes 1.0.1 破解版 – 系统进程监视软件

Process Monitor mac破解版是Mac平台上一款系统进程监视软件,它能够为您显示当前正在运行的软件和进程所有的详细说明




Processes 1.0.1 破解版 – 系统进程监视软件

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Process Monitor mac破解版是Mac平台上一款系统进程监视软件,它能够为您显示当前正在运行的软件和进程所有的详细说明。Process Monitor mac是监控你系统非常好的一款工具,有需要监控系统活动软件的朋友千万不要错过,快来看看吧
Processes is an application that gives you the ability to:
Zap Stalled Processes and Apps – If a process is stuck, Processes can kill it or restart it with pinpoint accuracy.
Pause Apps and Processes -Is a process bogging-down your system? Pause it and resume it later.
Monitor System Usage Per Process – Monitor each process’ system usage, plus see its network connections and files.
Processes is a power-tool to help you monitor and take control of the processes running on your Mac. It provides both a wide overview of the activity on your system, while also allowing you to drill-down to the inner workings of each individual process.
Pause and resume apps and processes.
Zap unresponsive processes.
View which files each process is accessing, and find them in the finder.
View network connections for each process, to see what they’re accessing.
Get user-friendly readouts of CPU and Memory usage per process.
Filter and sort processes by keyword, user, CPU usage, Memory Usage, and more.
Provides short descriptions of select processes.
Retina-ready graphics.
Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later