Photolemur 3 1.1.1 破解版 – 照片增强工具

Photolemur 3 1.1.1 破解版 – 照片增强工具

photolemur 3 mac破解版是一款非常专业的ps/lr全自动照片编辑器,它提供世界上第一个自动照片增强解决方案




Photolemur 3 1.1.1 破解版 – 照片增强工具
Photolemur 3 1.1.1 破解版 – 照片增强工具
Photolemur 3 1.1.1 破解版 – 照片增强工具

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photolemur 3 mac破解版是一款非常专业的ps/lr全自动照片编辑器,它提供世界上第一个自动照片增强解决方案。12种智能技术,图像识别和人工智能一起创建,以确保您不会再花费太多时间来实现完美的最终结果。Photolemur Mac激活版可以准确理解您的图像需要什么,并为您完美地执行这些编辑

Photolemur instantly makes your photos much better and more vivid with the help of computer science, artificial intelligence and a bit of magic. It bridges the gap between what your eyes see and what your camera captures. In real life, no camera is powerful enough to transmit the actual beauty of the world that we see with our eyes.
Color Recovery - Brings back the natural lights and tones in your photos
Sky Enhancement - Let your outdoor photos pop with a newfound sharpness
Exposure Compensation - Dark images get naturally lighter, while light images become naturally darker
Smart Dehaze - Protects your images from the unwanted and unrealistic haziness or fog
Natural Light Correction - Identifies the time of day, and adjusts contrast, exposure, and brightness
Foliage Enhancement - Coompensates for the lost colors in nature shots
What’s New:
Use this feature for portraits to get your subject’s skin looking smooth, glowing, and beautiful. Skin retouch automatically adds the inescapable aura of flawless skin to your images. We know viewers are already drawn to your tantalizing portraits, but this will kick things up a notch.
This feature is the addition you’ve been searching for, for all your portrait needs! Maybe your subject stayed up too late the night before (like brides and grooms at the rehearsal dinner the evening before the big date) or woke up a bit too early in the morning (like hikers ready to take on the highest peak by sunrise). Whatever the reason, give everyone the vibe of bright eyed and wide awake with this fantastic feature.
One of the most highly anticipated new features of this version of Photolemur is Styles — 6 specific and crazily creative new styles for your photos that have been chosen by none-other than artificial intelligence. Try Apollo on your landscape shots, Fall on all your favorite leaf shots, and Spirited to instantly give your photos an artistic feel. Whatever you choose, rest assured that the end result will be brilliant.
It means that if you’ve perfected the exact amount of Skin Retouch and Apollo Style you want for your vacation photos, no need to fear. You can now apply this same setting to all of your images at once.
Mac version of Photolemur 3 now supports the direct export to SmugMug.
As usual, we made sure your experience with Photolemur is as easy and obvious as possible. And we hope you’ll like it.
From all of us at the Photolemur team, thanks for joining us on this photo journey. It’s been a fun one — and we like to think it just keeps getting better.
Compatibility: macOS 10.11 +