PhotoFoundry 1.2.5 破解版 – 图片滤镜编辑

PhotoFoundry 1.2.5 破解版 – 图片滤镜编辑

PhotoFoundry 是一款强大的图像处理软件,具有丰富的功能,包括图像编辑、滤镜效果、图层管理、调整色彩等




PhotoFoundry 1.2.5 破解版 – 图片滤镜编辑
PhotoFoundry 1.2.5 破解版 – 图片滤镜编辑
PhotoFoundry 1.2.5 破解版 – 图片滤镜编辑

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PhotoFoundry 是一款强大的图像处理软件,具有丰富的功能,包括图像编辑、滤镜效果、图层管理、调整色彩等,可以满足专业和非专业摄影师的需求。用户友好的界面使操作变得简单直观,即使初学者也能轻松上手。
此外,该软件支持多种文件格式,如JPEG、TIFF、PNG等,并支持输出为Web所用格式。PhotoFoundry还具有强大的自动化功能,如批量处理和自动调整,大大提高了工作效率。总之,PhotoFoundry for Mac是一款功能全面、操作简便的图像处理软件,适合所有类型的摄影师使用。
Professional batch photo-editing. Filters, photo effects, resizing, watermarks, …anything you’ve been looking for in a photo-editing app.
Just open or drag’n’drop your photos and PhotoFoundry will take care of the rest.
All the speed of the Mac at your fingertips. With highly-optimized algorithms for image processing, our topmost goal has been performance.
Reads pretty much all the image formats you’ll need. Want to export? Great! PhotoFoundry currently supports PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF and GIF.
Extremely configurable
With close to 200 available - and parametrizable - actions, we’ve got you covered: Blends? Color adjustments? Ready-to-use photo effects? Everything at your fingertips!
Live preview
Preview your changes live, as-you-make-them, or side-by-side - so that you’re always sure what the resulting images are going to look like!
Smart Export
Ready to export? Awesome! Just click the Export button and PhotoFoundry will take care of the rest for you.
What’s New:
Version 1.2
Added separate section with photo effects
Added numerous new actions
Fixed erroneous image dimensions
Eliminate flashing for live previews
Use Preview Mode for side-by-side comparisons only
Put live preview on left-hand side
Extended support for numerous file extensions (over 150!)
Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later