Password Vault Manager Enterprise 破解版 – 管理密码和敏感信息

Password Vault Manager Enterprise 破解版 – 管理密码和敏感信息




Password Vault Manager Enterprise 破解版 – 管理密码和敏感信息

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密码管理器(Devolutions Password Vault Manager Enterprise)是一款可用来管理所有的密码和您敏感信息的高度安全的密码管理工具。程序可以帮助你在一个有组织的和安全的数据库中保存您的信用卡号码、银行帐户、您的序列号或各种用户名和密码。
Password Vault Manager lets you centralize your computer and passwords and credentials of your organization in a secure repository. Manage access rights and safety of users, reduce support calls and strengthen network security by generating only safe and unique passwords. Stop wasting time recovering forgotten passwords and enjoy the panel more intuitive and customizable tools industry.
Password Manager
– Centralize your passwords
– Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael)
– Decryption local only
management tools password
– strong password generator
– password analyzer password notification weak
– Password history
– Generator self – signed certificate.
Web browser integration
– Automatically fill web forms.
– Extension of Internet Explorer
– Firefox browser extension
– Extension browser Google Chrome
Organize sensitive information (data entry)
– Account and credentials (username / domain / password)
– alarm codes
– Bank information
– information card credit
– Custom Fields
– email Accounts
– Notes (secure)
– passport
– security Deposit
– software License Keys or serial numbers.
– Login web form
Document Manager
– Native support for PDF documents, Word, Excel, Visio and images.
– Linking local or network files
– Store the file in the database
– Join attached to existing entries
– built -in image viewer.
– Built -in PDF viewer
Contact Management
– Organize your personal or corporate contacts.
– Link contacts to your existing entries
– Import contacts or Outlook .vcf
sources multiuser data
– Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012
– mySQL
– Devolutions Online Database (subscription required)
– Devolutions Server (subscription required)
Database records
– Tracking usage auditing and editing.
– Audit trail access password
– Insert custom log with comment ad hoc
Simplified deployment and configuration
– customized installation service (subscription).
– Implement policies common application using the configuration data source.
– Centralized deployment of client licenses and upgrade versions.
Offline mode
– read – only mode
– mode of writing with smart synchronization
– Local data encrypted with limited shelf life.
State management
– Set the expiration of the entrance and be notified
– Block sessions for exclusive use.
– Disable sessions to block access.
– Add special instructions or warnings in sessions.
Protect your sensitive credentials
– Hide password users
– Back up your data with online backup service optional Devolutions.
– Automatically delete the sensitive content of the clipboard
encrypt the contents of the database
– All passwords are encrypted by default.
– Encryption approved by the US federal government. UU. (AES)
– Database double encryption with custom passphrase.
– Database double encryption with custom certificate.
Security Management
– Supports SQL Server / MySQL / Devolutions Cloud / Devolutions Server
– Security Group
– Permits user input (view / add / edit / delete)
User Management
– user support embedded database
integration Active Directory
– Devolutions Server only
– Authentication Active Directory
– integrated management roles assigned to Active Directory groups
Protect access to the application.
– Restrict access to configuration data source with a password
– Use a 2 – factor authentication (Yubikey / Google Authenticator) to start the application
– Auto Lock minimize or when idle for a period.