Particulars 34 破解版 – 系统状态信息监测显示工具

Particulars 34 破解版 – 系统状态信息监测显示工具





Particulars 34 破解版 – 系统状态信息监测显示工具
Particulars 34 破解版 – 系统状态信息监测显示工具
Particulars 34 破解版 – 系统状态信息监测显示工具

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Particulars displays system information about your Mac. It shows computer name, model name, serial number, CPU, RAM, GPU, OS version, Server version, current user, uptime, disk space, and network configuration. It can be used in 3 modes: on your desktop, as a Today Extension, or at the command line.
Particulars provides up-to-date information and dynamically changes when your system changes. For instance, if you switch Wi-Fi networks, Particulars shows the new network configuration immediately.
Particulars does not replace your desktop background image and is responsive to changes in your screen or space layout. It does not require any scripts or need any complex setup.
Particulars supports many disparate network configurations including IPv6, manual addressing, multiple addresses, captive portals, PPPoE, and VPNs.
Particulars has a special ‘lab mode’ to ease deployment in computer labs and datacenters. See the help book for more information.
What’s new
-Interface for customizing detail level
-New particular: Darwin version
-Preferences are now arranged in tabs
-Fix rare crash when getting the desktop picture
-Fix rare crash on launch when a Mac does not have an Apple SoC
-Font panel now closes with preferences window or when a standard theme is chosen
-Today Extension now uses standard controls for opening and closing its configuration
Compatibility: OS X 10.13.4 or later, 64-bit processor