Paperless 3.0.8 破解版 – 文档管理工具

Paperless 3.0.8 破解版 – 文档管理工具




Paperless 3.0.8 破解版 – 文档管理工具

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Paperless for Mac是一款运行在Mac平台上的文档管理工具,可以帮助管理所有的文本文件和数字文件,非常强大。paperless mac版可以扫描所有的纸质文件和无纸化OCR功能识别的数据,包括收据,票据,报表,保修卡,商务卡等等,有效管理您所有纸质和数字文档,十分实用。
Paperless is a digital documents manager. Remember when everyone talked about how we would soon be a paperless society? Now it seems like we use paper more than ever. Let’s face it – we need and we use paper. But Paperless is one of those incredibly useful applications that will help you manage all your paper and digital documents and at the same time positively affect the environment.
When it’s tax time no more bringing a shoebox full of receipts to your accountant. According to ruling Rev. Proc. 97-22 from the IRS, a digital document is acceptable. With Paperless 3 you can create a Smart Collection and keep all your documents neat and tidy and in one place. Additionally, once you store your receipts in Paperless 3, you can select the receipts to email, print, or export to PDF, or even show as a chart.
What’s New:
Version 3.0.80:
Added Simple Reports feature.
Improved OCR and Autofill functionality.
Dropbox support.
Revamped User Interface.
Support for Mojave Dark Mode.
Added New Database Fields.
Watch Folder feature.
ScanSnap Home Support.
Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor