O&O SafeErase 19.2.1044 x64 破解版 – 数据彻底删除

O&O SafeErase 19.2.1044 x64 破解版 – 数据彻底删除

O&O SafeErase 是一款磁盘工具软件,可以绝对安全的删除敏感文件和资料,删除后不可恢复




O&O SafeErase 19.2.1044 x64 破解版 – 数据彻底删除
O&O SafeErase 19.2.1044 x64 破解版 – 数据彻底删除
O&O SafeErase 19.2.1044 x64 破解版 – 数据彻底删除

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O&O SafeErase 是一款磁盘工具软件,可以绝对安全的删除敏感文件和资料,删除后不可恢复。原因是 SafeErase 不仅仅表面上删除了文件名,并且会把文件占用的空间全部充0 ,这样那些黑客和写偷窃数据的“间谍”也只能望盘兴叹。SafeErase 有点特别,不像大部分软件一样,它本身没有一个程序供你运行,而是完全集成到 资源管理器中。只要你在资源管理器中选用 SafeErase 功能,安全删除操作就可以开始
Deleting files, directories, drives or the entire PC – no problem with O&O SafeErase! Your internet traces can also be deleted quickly and securely at the touch of a button. At some point, every user of a Windows PC comes to the point where a hard drive or SSD needs to be deleted or certain documents need to be securely destroyed.

If the computer is sold or given away, personal photos or business data can easily fall into the wrong hands. Because deleting it under Windows does not mean that the data is permanently removed. O&O SafeErase allows you to securely delete and overwrite your data using recognized deletion procedures so that restoration is no longer possible.

Avoid the risks
Data misuse can have serious consequences, from identity theft to financial loss. Simply “deleting” files is not enough as they can often be recovered.
O&O SafeErase ensures that deleted data is irretrievably removed using advanced deletion algorithms that meet the strictest security standards.

Unique Fortress Mode
With the Fortress Mode from O&O SafeErase 19, you can now destroy your sensitive data even more efficiently and securely. To do this, your PC is placed in a locked mode in which no other application can access your data. This not only makes the deletion process faster, but also safer, as background processes cannot influence the deletion process or even write new sensitive data during the process.

Surf the Internet without a trace
As you surf the Internet, your browser usually silently stores data about your history and actions. This data can provide information about websites visited and even access data. O&O SafeErase supports current browsers and allows you to safely delete their data and therefore your traces.

Delete the entire PC
Wiping the entire computer allows you to securely delete all of your data before selling, giving away, or disposing of the computer. All data, settings, applications and even the operating system are securely deleted so that recovery is not possible. O&O SafeErase does not require any additional hardware and is ready to use straight away.

Six deletion methods for maximum security
O&O SafeErase offers you the choice between six different deletion methods. These differ in their speed and thoroughness. In addition to standardized deletion procedures from the U.S. Departments of Defense (DoD) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), you can also choose a complex mathematical method (Gutmann method) that meets the highest security requirements. This means that O&O SafeErase even exceeds the current requirements of the BSI and DoD.

Product details
Secure deletion of data, memory cards and data carriers (hard drives and SSDs)
Protect your privacy by securely deleting internet traces
Fortress mode for secure and isolated deletion of sensitive data
Erase entire PC with TotalErase – without additional hardware
Security check for automatic detection of insecurely deleted data
Six extinguishing methods according to international industry standards
Advanced erasure method for SSDs (Solid State Disks) with SolidErase
Creation of reports as proof of deletion
Seamless integration into Windows Explorer (InstantErase)
Support for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as well as Internet Explorer