OmniPlayer Pro 2.1.4 破解版 – 全能视频播放器

OmniPlayer Pro 2.1.4 破解版 – 全能视频播放器

OmniPlayer Pro 是一款 macOS 全能多媒体播放器。它功能强大,几乎支持 macOS 上的所有视频格式。它能够通过硬件解码轻松播放各种4K/1080P/720P的高清视频,普通音频和无损音频




OmniPlayer Pro 2.1.4 破解版 – 全能视频播放器

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OmniPlayer Pro 是一款 macOS 全能多媒体播放器。它功能强大,几乎支持 macOS 上的所有视频格式。它能够通过硬件解码轻松播放各种4K/1080P/720P的高清视频,普通音频和无损音频。同时你也可以通过它丰富的功能方便的控制和调整播放进度/播放列表/视频画面/音轨/字幕/截屏等。本站有两个版本的 OmniPlayer,另外一个是订阅制的,这个是永久制的。
OmniPlayer incorporates a comprehensive suite of features for seamless radio broadcast teamwork. Talk to us about designing the perfect set-up for your needs.
OmniPlayer is a comprehensive media player for almost any video and audio format on macOS. It has powerful features with modern and clean design. You can use it to play various 4K/1080P/720P HD videos and normal/lossless audios easily with hardware decoding. You can also control and adjust the playback/playlist/video image/audio track/subtitles/screenshot etc. conveniently with the rich features.
Support Multiple Media Types * Play almost any format of the local and remote server(samba/FTP protocol) videos and audios. * Support online videos and audios with Http/https protocol. * Play Youtube and Vimeo videos with webpage URL directly without online ads.
Playlist Control * Record media files to playlist automatically, and support clear all when exiting player automatically. * Play/Search/Delete/Change repeat mode of media items in the playlist.
Playback Control * Pause/Resume/Fast forward/Rewind/Jump to specified progress time. * Record last progress time of playback when stopping automatically. * Show preview images on progress bar when playing a local video. * Hide controls automatically to display pure video view without any occlusion. * Adjustment playback speed from 0.25x-4x
Video Image Adjustment * Adjust window size and video image aspect ratio quickly. * Adjust video image rotation in all directions. * Adjust video image equalizer including brightness, contrast, and saturation.
Audio Control * Change audio delay time to make audio and video synchronization. * Choose different audio tracks in the video. * Choose audio mode such as Stereo, Dolby Surround, Headphones, etc. * Customize audio equalizer or choosing predefined equalizer such as Classic, Rock, Pop, etc.
Subtitle Control * Load different formats of local subtitles in real-time. * Search and load subtitles online with video name or hash, support most languages. * Change subtitle color, size in real-time. Change the encoding of subtitles in different languages to fix the garbled problem.
Screenshot * Take a screenshot with different formats. * Generating gif image up to 60s. * One-click exporting movie thumbnail
Wireless display * DLNA protocol * Chromecast protocol * Roku channel