Note-C 2.5.2 破解版 – 文本记录软件

Note-C 2.5.2 破解版 – 文本记录软件

Note-C Mac破解版是mac上一款非常好用的文本记录软件,有了这款软件,我们就可以以一种简单、直观的方式快速的记下笔记或收集的文本片段。它还可以让您自定义文本的颜色和背景




Note-C 2.5.2 破解版 – 文本记录软件
Note-C 2.5.2 破解版 – 文本记录软件
Note-C 2.5.2 破解版 – 文本记录软件

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Note-C Mac破解版是mac上一款非常好用的文本记录软件,有了这款软件,我们就可以以一种简单、直观的方式快速的记下笔记或收集的文本片段。它还可以让您自定义文本的颜色和背景,让您的文本更易懂和好看!应用程序简单,直观
Whether notes, ideas, recipes, articles or entire books, Note-C is the app for all your texts! Note-C assist you with helpful functions to collect, manage, write and while keeping full control of your texts at any time.
What’s New:
Version 2.0.7:
Extended printer preferences with considerably more options to individualize the printing as you like
When the main window is closed, the main window can be reopened by clicking on the dock icon
moving text up and down using the keyboard shortcut for whole lines improved so that the lines swap places with each other
preferences for the editor reorganized
preferences for selected text now with color selection for the text and background of the selected text
preferences for the background color of the text field, this is now optional. If not activated, the standard background color of the
system is used
preferences for the spacing in the text now with additional spacing option for the text area up/down
preferences for the cursor revised and expanded, and its behavior in the editor improved
preferences for the I-beam cursor reworked
reset button for the text editor preferences added
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit