Ninox Database 2.5.8 破解版 – 平面文件数据库系统

Ninox Database 2.5.8 破解版 – 平面文件数据库系统

Ninox Database 是一款可以在苹果电脑Mac osx平台上使用的数据库应用程序,非常简单易用,可以为你和你的团队创建自定义业务,组织一切




Ninox Database 2.5.8 破解版 – 平面文件数据库系统

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Ninox Database 是一款可以在苹果电脑Mac osx平台上使用的数据库应用程序,非常简单易用,可以为你和你的团队创建自定义业务,组织一切,改善工作流程,提高工作效率,适用于CRM,事件,发票,库存,房地产等,无需使用任何代码即可创建自己的数据库,欢迎有需要的朋友们前来下载使用。

Ninox is an easy to use database app for Mac & iOS. Create custom business apps for you and your team. Organize everything, improve your workflow and become more productive.
Ninox empowers you to build custom apps without a single line of code. Our platform is used by individuals, startups, agencies, small businesses and enterprises in a wide range of industries.
Unlimited use cases: CRM, events, invoicing, inventory, real estates and many more.
Tables — With Ninox you manage your data in tables that you can browse, filter, sort and group.
Data fields — Ninox offers a variety of data fields, including text, numbers, Yes / No, list, date, time, picture and web address.
Relations — Link tables to each other to represent complex situations.
Forms — For neat enter data, make simple drag-and-drop forms.
Find — The fast full-text search is the very center of Ninox, so you immediately jump to the desired information.
Calculations — As in a spreadsheet to make calculations about individual records, or even entire tables linked tables.
Calendar — All entries with date reference are clearly displayed in the calendar.
Diagrams — Point to a button the current state.
Export — Of course, you can also export your data to further process them with Excel.
Roles and rights — Control exactly who can see or change the data.
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