NCH PhotoPad Pro 13.31 破解版 – 照片编辑软件

NCH PhotoPad Pro 13.31 破解版 – 照片编辑软件

NCH PhotoPad Pro for Mac是Mac平台上一款照片编辑软件,PhotoPad Pro破解版支持多种格式的图像




NCH PhotoPad Pro 13.31 破解版 – 照片编辑软件
NCH PhotoPad Pro 13.31 破解版 – 照片编辑软件
NCH PhotoPad Pro 13.31 破解版 – 照片编辑软件

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NCH PhotoPad Pro for Mac是Mac平台上一款照片编辑软件,PhotoPad Pro破解版支持多种格式的图像,可以进行裁剪、旋转、调整大小等操作,功能很全面,赶紧使用NCH PhotoPad mac 破解版帮你轻松编辑图像吧
• Easily edit digital photos and other pictures
• Supports all popular image formats
• Crop, rotate, resize and flip photos fast
PhotoPad is designed to be ready to open and edit your photos quickly. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just want to edit your personal photos, PhotoPad offers the powerful tools and features you need to improve your digital images.
• Crop, rotate, resize and flip pictures
• Touch up photos to remove red-eye and blemishes
• Improve photo quality and focus with blur, sharpening and noise reduction tools
• Adjust the color balance, exposure, levels, brightness, contrast and more
• Merge multiple exposures to create stunning HDR photographs
• Load jpg, gif, png and other popular image formats
• Change the aspect ratio of an image without distorting key features using the liquid resize effect
• Easily undo, re-order and edit existing effects on the layers list using non-destructive editing
• Apply photo effects, including oil paint, cartoon, vignette, sepia and many more
• Create collages and photo mosaics with your photographs
• Use preset filters to easily enhance your photos
• Convert your photo to cross stitch patterns, paint by numbers or add an oil painting effect
• Add text and captions to photos to post online, add to photo books or to create a new viral meme
• Insert clipart from the included clipart library
• Add frames and borders around your photographs
• Upload edited pictures directly to Facebook or Flickr
• Use the crop tool to make a rectangular photo square or to focus on one portion of your photograph. It’s also easy to resize your photo for the web or for print using the resize tool.
• Regional Effects is a powerful tool which gives you the ability to apply effects and filters to selected portions of your photo. Select a part of your image and apply an effect or use the paint brush to paint an effect onto part of your picture.
Version 6.30:
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Compatibility: macOS 10.5 or later