NCH ClassicFTP Plus 4.03 破解版 – 易于使用的FTP客户端

NCH ClassicFTP Plus 4.03 破解版 – 易于使用的FTP客户端

Classic FTP注册破解版是一个易于使用的FTP客户端,允许您从远程服务器(网站)或网络上载,下载和删除文件




NCH ClassicFTP Plus 4.03 破解版 – 易于使用的FTP客户端

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Classic FTP注册破解版是一个易于使用的FTP客户端,允许您从远程服务器(网站)或网络上载,下载和删除文件。Classic FTP经过专门设计,外观和感觉就像一个典型的ftp客户端。虽然提供与其他ftp客户端相同的所有功能,但Classic FTP非常适合高级和新手网站管理员。您可以使用此FTP客户端轻松维护您的网站,并且Classic FTP是最稳定,最全面的ftp客户端程序,非常易于使用
NCH ClassicFTP Plus is an FTP client meant to assist its users in maintaining their websites. It enables the users to upload, download, delete and manage files by using the file transfer protocol (FTP).
Tips are offered on start-up related to configuring a connection to an FTP site. Connection details for the FTP server will be required to enter at first. These can generally be obtained from the administrator of the FTP site. The administrator’s permission for uploading files to the site will also probably be needed. The user interface includes two working panes, which make transfer management a rather easy task. Locating and editing files on the user’s website can smoothly be done. A Site Manager is included, where one can store a list of regularly used sites and access them from there. The “Synchronize” option allows for a local folder to be scanned so that any files that are missing from the remote folder then be uploaded to it.
ClassicFTP is easy to work with and serves for downloading, uploading and managing files on servers and websites, while offering some convenient options such as the “Synchronize” feature.
Classic FTP is the most stable and comprehensive ftp client program available and is very easy to use.
• Upload or download files quickly and easily
• Secure file transfer using FTP SSL
• Compatible with all popular FTP servers
File Transfer Features
• The intuitive user interface makes uploading files to the internet easy
• Easily drag and drop files in and out of Classic FTP
• Supports the secure FTP protocol (SSL)
• Compatible with all popular FTP servers
• Runs on both Windows and Apple Mac OS X
• Easy setup wizard to help you establish FTP site connections
• The Synchronize tool checks local and remote folders for the most up-to-date copies of everything
Compatibility: Intel, 32-bit processor OS X 10.5 or later