Myary 2.5.2 破解版 – 简单小巧Mac日记软件

Myary 2.5.2 破解版 – 简单小巧Mac日记软件

常用的Mac日记软件都有哪些?不妨体验一下Myary for Mac!Myary mac是Macos上一款简单小巧Mac日记软件,可以创建你的任务和保存你的条目




Myary 2.5.2 破解版 – 简单小巧Mac日记软件
Myary 2.5.2 破解版 – 简单小巧Mac日记软件
Myary 2.5.2 破解版 – 简单小巧Mac日记软件

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常用的Mac日记软件都有哪些?不妨体验一下Myary for Mac!Myary mac是Macos上一款简单小巧Mac日记软件,可以创建你的任务和保存你的条目。每个条目都存储在一个单独的文件中,您可以自由选择将条目保存到何处
Myary is an easy-to-use app for creating diaries, project documentations, blog entries, and any other text that should be saved in conjunction with a date.
Extensive Markup Support
Despite its ease of use, Myary offers many features and customization options to make writing as comfortable as possible. In addition, Myary is specifically designed to assist authors who use markup languages ​​(Markdown, MultiMarkdown, MarkdownExtra, Textile, Wikitext, HTML, BBCode, Smark) to compose their texts. In addition to various convenience functions for writing (automatic lists, assistance in creating MultiMarkdown-tables, keyboard shortcuts, and much more), Myary also offers an integrated preview to check the formatting.
Open Storage System
One of the most remarkable features of Myary is the way the entries are stored. Instead of saving entries into an inaccessible database or in a proprietary file format, all entries are stored in plain text-files that can be read by virtually any text program. Each entry gets its own file and is stored neatly and orderly in a place on your computer that you decide yourself. For example, you could choose your Dropbox- or iCloud-directory to save your entries and keep access to your entries from any of your devices.
Other features of Myary:
You can add any kind of files as attachments to each of your entries
Extensive export manager (exports into the following formats are possible: TXT, RTF, RTFD, DOC, ODT, HTML, PDF, epub eBook, Textbundle, Textpack)
Tab-actions: Define keywords that use the Tab-key as a trigger to insert self-defined text-snippets
Edit entries in external text-apps or send them to other apps
Comfortable distraction-free mode, hide everything in order to be able to concentrate completely on the text
Automatic saving of entries: If you take a short break while typing, Myary automatically saves the written text
Textbundle-Format: instead of saving your texts in normal text-files, you can also save your texts in the Textbundle-format (more information on Textbundle can be found on
In addition to the actual entries, you can also write or collect small notes, ideas, things to keep in mind
Extensive settings for the text editor: In addition to font, size and color, you can also customize the background color, line spacing, indents for new paragraphs and much more to your personal needs
Color labels: you can assign to each of your entries a color label, which appears as a small star in the calendar sheet. In this case, the standard color labels of the file system are used. Using the standard system color labels makes those labels visible in other apps like the Finder
Integrated search: if you want to search for a specific entry or search for a specific term within entries, the integrated search function will help you by listing all entries in chronological order which contain the search-term
Myary natively supports Mojave’s Dark Mode and also provides a dark mode for earlier macOS versions that can be easily turned on at any time. Simply select “Dark User Interface” under View from the menu bar and Myary will change its appearance.
Of course, Myary also offer the known features full-screen mode, send menu, in-text search / replace, spell check and text replacement.
Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit