Movist Pro 2.11.4 / 2.9.5 破解版 – 视频播放器

Movist Pro 2.11.4 / 2.9.5 破解版 – 视频播放器

Movist 是一款 Mac 上知名的视频播放器,被誉为Mac上的「暴风影音」,支持几乎常见的视频格式,包括高清视频格式,如.mov, .avi, .mp4, .m4v, .mkv, .mpg, .wmv 等等




Movist Pro 2.11.4 / 2.9.5 破解版 – 视频播放器
Movist Pro 2.11.4 / 2.9.5 破解版 – 视频播放器
Movist Pro 2.11.4 / 2.9.5 破解版 – 视频播放器

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Movist 是一款 Mac 上知名的视频播放器,被誉为Mac上的「暴风影音」,支持几乎常见的视频格式,包括高清视频格式,如.mov, .avi, .mp4, .m4v, .mkv, .mpg, .wmv 等等,还支持字幕挂载、桌面背景播放、传统全屏风格、屏幕截图等等功能,支持中文界面,界面简洁漂亮,完美兼容最新的 OS X 10.10 系统,非常优秀的一款视频播放器!

Movist is an easy-to-use and powerful movie player. You can choose QuickTime or FFmpeg as decoder for each video codec and reopen with other decoder instantly. Movist supports many useful features to enjoy movies including H.264, H.265/HEVC hardware video decode acceleration, digital audio out (S/PDIF), high quality subtitles, convenient & beautiful user interface and so on.
Just Enjoy Movies with Movist.
Single Window Mode or Multiple Document Mode.
App Sandbox supported.
Retina Display supported.
Many File Format supported.
Many Video & Audio Codecs supported.
H.264, H.265/HEVC Video Decode Acceleration.
Many Core Image Filters supported.
Video Rotation & Flip.
Deinterlace (FFmpeg Only).
Digital Audio Out (S/PDIF) (FFmpeg Only).
Audio Equalizer supported (FFmpeg Only).
A/V Sync Adjustment.
High Quality Subtitle.
Many Subtitle Format supported.
Embedded Subtitles supported.
Compressed Subtitles in .zip & .rar supported.
3D Subtitle supported.
Subtitle Display on Letter Box.
UnlimitedSubtitles Concurrent Display.
Fully Customizable Subtitle Display. 5
Subtitle Text Encoding autodetection.
Subtitle Sync Adjustment.
AutoFilling Playlist (searching series & subtitle files)
Playlist Shuffle & Repeat Mode.
Playlist Load & Save.
Playback Speed Adjustment.
Screenshot Capture.
Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit