Mitti 2.8.3 破解版 – 专业视频播放解决方案

Mitti 2.8.3 破解版 – 专业视频播放解决方案





Mitti 2.8.3 破解版 – 专业视频播放解决方案
Mitti 2.8.3 破解版 – 专业视频播放解决方案
Mitti 2.8.3 破解版 – 专业视频播放解决方案

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Mitti is a solution reproduction of modern, professional video feature, but easy to use for theatrical, audiovisual shows, performances and exhibitions.
Mitti has an interface clear, intuitive and uncluttered user with an easy workflow to learn and use, in addition to the modern audio 64 – bit, low latency and a powerful engine for video playback accelerated by GPU powered SMPTE for its robust speech system’s internal clock.
You can create Cues in Mitti video and still image files, of course, as well as a rich set of inputs, including cameras, Siphon and NDI sources. The tracks have their individual color, effect video, audio and transition settings.
In Preferences Playlist Mitti can define default values for Fade-In / Outs and Transitions times and the predetermined SMPTE and SMPTE offset.
In addition, Mitti also allows you to define default states Cues that match your workflow. You always want to apply Transitions or Fade-Ins? Need ever stop playing once you have completed the Cue? Not a problem, you can set for your Cues worldwide and – of course – also individually.
The playback engine Mitti can easily be slaved to a source timecode MTC (MIDI Time Code) or LTC (Linear Time Code) external SMPTE to synchronize securely with any code generator time software or hardware, display control solutions or DAW.
Mitti supports full screen output on multiple screens, with four-corner deformation in each single mix configuration and output edge. Manage outputs double or triple width was never so easy before!
Mitti is remotely controlled by MMC (MIDI Machine Control) and MSC commands (MIDI Show Control) and MIDI hardware controllers and software, has extensive OSC API and controllable remotely by Art -Net (DMX over Ethernet).
Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit