Mimestream 1.3.6 破解版 – Gmail邮件客户端

Mimestream 1.3.6 破解版 – Gmail邮件客户端

Mimestream for Mac是Mac电脑上的一款Gmail本机电子邮件客户端




Mimestream 1.3.6 破解版 – Gmail邮件客户端

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Mimestream for Mac是Mac电脑上的一款Gmail本机电子邮件客户端。Mimestream Mac版是一款 Mac 上的轻量级超快速电子邮件客户端。它使用 Gmail API 而不是 IMAP 来支持特定于 Gmail 的功能,例如分类的收件箱,标签,以及自动同步的别名和签名
Mimestream combines the power of macOS with the advanced features of Gmail for a new type of email client that lets you navigate your email with ease. As a native app written in Swift, Mimestream leverages the full power of macOS to deliver a fast and instantly familiar experience. Instead of using the IMAP protocol, Mimestream uses the Gmail API to enable an expanded set of features that make your experience easier.
Key Features
• Lightweight and Fast - Mimestream is built for speed and uses minimal disk space to cache the latest messages.
• Offline Access - Full functionality offline and on the slowest connections - ideal for business travelers and whenever you’re on the go.
• System notifications. Receive macOS system notifications when you receive new messages, so you never fall behind on important topics.
• Nicknames. Your email aliases automatically sync with Gmail without any setup and are used for replies when needed.
• Signatures. Signatures set up in Gmail automatically sync with Mimestream.
• Reliable search. Enter any Gmail search term into Mimestream and get consistent results. • Search even offline. Swipe gestures. Use familiar swipe gestures on macOS to quickly sort and archive email.
• Tracking Prevention - Read your email privately - Mimestream blocks tracking pixels from over 50 of the most common tracking services.
• Keyboard shortcuts. Quickly sort email with keyboard shortcuts, including the ability to use familiar Gmail or Apple Mail shortcut sets.
System requirements