Menuwhere 2.2.2 破解版 – 菜单栏鼠标辅助

Menuwhere 2.2.2 破解版 – 菜单栏鼠标辅助

Menuwhere 是一个实用程序将最前面的应用程序的菜单栏放到你的鼠标位置的弹出式菜单中--告别那些漫长的菜单栏之旅;主菜单现在只需一个热键就可以了。




Menuwhere 2.2.2 破解版 – 菜单栏鼠标辅助
Menuwhere 2.2.2 破解版 – 菜单栏鼠标辅助

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Menuwhere 是一个实用程序将最前面的应用程序的菜单栏放到你的鼠标位置的弹出式菜单中–告别那些漫长的菜单栏之旅;主菜单现在只需一个热键就可以了。
The menu, anywhere. Utility puts the frontmost app’s menu bar into a pop-up menu at your mouse’s location—say goodbye to those long trips to the menu bar; the main menu is now just a hot key away.
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The video above really says it all. Even the placeholder image tells pretty much the entire story: Menuwhere’s one purpose is to pop up the frontmost app’s menus at the current mouse location. That’s about it. But even the most straightforward apps can use some cheering on, and you might like to learn about customization options before you download, so read on…
Drill down with mouse or keyboard
Once on-screen, you can drill down into the menus as far as you need to go, using either the keyboard (arrow keys and/or first-letter typing) or the mouse. Either way, your targeted menu item is quickly located.
Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later