MenubarX 破解版 – 菜单栏浏览器

MenubarX 破解版 – 菜单栏浏览器

MenubarX 是一款Mac的菜单栏网页浏览器,能够让我们在Mac电脑上把网页添加到菜单栏上,像 App 一样即开即用,非常方便实用的菜单栏网页浏览器




MenubarX 破解版 – 菜单栏浏览器
MenubarX 破解版 – 菜单栏浏览器
MenubarX 破解版 – 菜单栏浏览器

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MenubarX 是一款Mac的菜单栏网页浏览器,能够让我们在Mac电脑上把网页添加到菜单栏上,像 App 一样即开即用,非常方便实用的菜单栏网页浏览器。
对于 macOS 来讲,「菜单栏」是系统交互中一个非常重要的组件,这里可以展示大量关键信息,而无需直接跳转到应用内;这一概念本身就与浏览器中的「书签」在设计逻辑上有一定的相似之处。MenubarX 就是将浏览器部分功能整合进 macOS 菜单栏的小工具。
MenubarX is a powerful menu bar browser. Pin any websites to the menu bar just like Native Apps. It perfectly supports various Web, WPA, and PWA websites. Enjoy all the WebApps services with just one link. You will instantly get various simulators, like iPhone, iPad, Android or even Kindle.
It is a great productivity tool for Mac power users, making it possible to do anything in the menu bar, including searching, reading, watching videos, listening to music, and playing games with just one click.
Up to 24+ features
*** You need to disable the System Integrity Protection (SIP) to perform the selected Application.